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A couple of questions.
You'll have to pardon me if this is considered over-stepping, but I am tasked with trying to find a good RP guild that myself, and my girlfriend, would be able to roleplay & just flat out play with. I searched over the list of Silver Hand RP guilds, and I have to be frank. This is the only guild that didn't induce any lip-curling-disgust.

So, allow me to explain whats going on, if you will. Don't want to hear it, skip to the bottom.

Myself and my Girlfriend, myself especially, are big MMO players, and Roleplayers. Generally, we run with our own group of friends that met in Pirates of the Burning Sea. We've gone to several games. AoC, Aion, STO, LOTRO, you name it. Not everyone is pleased with it, and that's not a big surprise. You can't win over everyone.

Except, well, everyone's got the "I HAET WOW." tick dug in pretty deep. Ignore the fact that at one point or another, everyone's payed homage to the Ten Ton MMO Gorilla. We, collectively, enjoy it. Sure, we find some of the lore a bit on the odd side sometimes, but still. We, originally, played Alliance on Earthen Ring, along with some of her RL co-workers. Sadly, they went from "Kinda decent to deal with" to, frankly, gigantic wankers. I'll spare the gory details, but we were basically told we'd be immediately absorbed into their raiding scene ASAP, then when we actually get to a gear level able to do just that (With minimal help from them), we get snubbed. So, yeah.

We have no real game to play and enjoy, so we started thinking. We loved working together, gearing up, gaining power, and all that business. Why not just make new characters on Horde side, and do what we really enjoy again?

So we've decided to do just that, but we'd like to join a good group for RP. We love doing it, to the point we have backgrounds for characters not even built for actual RP games.

So, yes. My questions:

What is the overall guild 'premise'?

Are you still recruiting? I saw you closed recruiting, but that was back in April.

Anyway, I figured it'd be better to ask these questions than make a profile, put it up, find out you're not recruiting, or what have you.
I can understand that you are feeling what I am interpreting as frustration. I have been a part of this guild for many years, this being my first MMO and my first guild ever. If you haven't read the Code of Conduct, I suggest you do so to get a better idea of what is expected of members.

Its hard for me to not be biased towards my own guild...all I can say is that those that RP very much do so, those that don't do not, but still interact in character with others in guild chat. We hold moots once every week, and on occasion we hold other functions like RP Events, and "parties". We facilitate an OOC channel, and an LFG channel for ourselves and our friends in other respectable guilds (the OOC channel is a good place to get to know people out of character to see if you "mesh" with them Smile ). We do raid, but is not required, it is something that our raid leaders try to keep inclusive.

Regarding recruitment, I am not sure myself if we are or not. Either way, its a good idea to post your application anyways. Smile

I hope this helps you both. I am just a member but I am more than happy to answer any questions I am able.
I did actually do some reading, checked the COC, looked around a bit to see if anything was really sticking out as a big flashing warning light. Can't say anything did, which is excellent.

Frustration would be the operative term, I guess. Sadly, at the point we are in the game, we can either run our daily heroics until our eyes begin bleeding, slowly but surely getting gear that will soon enough be kicked down to out-of-date come Cata. So literally we're locked out of any form of reasonable progression.

its that, or play new characters.

We like our characters and roles (Hence why we chose them), but basically being stonewalled by other people either not needing us, or not holding up to their end of the bargain is, really, really redonkulous.

As for raiding, we do, and we generally enjoy it, and the challenge.

We like to roleplay, have done so seriously, and semi-seriously in many games, and all that.

I suppose the only question I can add is, I did see you lot were taking on the lich king (At the very least in your canon). Is there any room both play and story wise for new characters such as us?

Also, thanks for the reply. Been keeping an eye on this thread all day.
Skartag Wrote:I suppose the only question I can add is, I did see you lot were taking on the lich king (At the very least in your canon). Is there any room both play and story wise for new characters such as us?

This is something that we had to do. Unfortunately, raid wise, the majority of us have never defeated the Lich King at this point in time. One of our smaller 10 man raids has made it to him, but I don't see them strutting around with their flashy titles :lol: . We are very casual raiders and for some, it means progression is slow.

Basically what this entails is that it will be "documented" in our tribal lore that the Lich King was defeated...rather than being in the process of as we are now, out of character. The raids themselves are not always linked to the RP of the tribe, unless a particular RP event is being held inside an instance. The way we are doing it this time, is unique in that the tribe itself as a whole is not directly involved in the final conflict...some may have the privilege of doing so, while others played their part in other, indirect, activities. This I believe leaves quite a bit of room for new members to place themselves somewhere, or more realistically, if they are admitted after the fact, say they were never involved as a member of the tribe at that time...and start their "stories" from when they receive their Peonship.

Another guild member may correct me if I am wrong, this is just how I have always interpreted it Smile

Sounds like a solid way to do it.

You've been incredibly helpful, thank you. I personally think I'd like to try and apply, but we do come as a package deal. She'll be getting home in about an hour my time (CST), but we generally eat, then Swim (WAY TOO HOT OUT HERE) before anything else. We shall discuss it then.

If anyone else (Generally an officer) can clear up with a yes or no on the recruitment thing, or heck someone else giving their statement on the overall feel of the RP would be fantastic.

I as an officer, am also not sure where we stand on the recruitment thing. But when we have closed in the past, it was never an absolute closure. I will stick a post in the officer forums and get you an answer.

I don't think recruitment is entirely closed. We have had a few new members since that post. I think its being done on an individual basis.
Skartag Wrote:Except, well, everyone's got the "I HAET WOW." tick dug in pretty deep.

I've encountered a lot of this in STO (Star Trek Online), and it totally baffles me.

On a more related note, you and your girlfriend sound like a decent couple, so I hope you're invited to join us.
Welp, we discussed it, created our characters, and the like.

I saw you lot have meetings every thursday, if it's okay, we'd like to stop by and do some watching before deciding to put in a profile, if that'd be alright.
That's not uncommon. Just poke an Ironsonger around start time (6:00 PM server for location details).
I believe tonight's meeting is some sort of beach party thing unless it's changed, so be sure to wear your swimtrunks/barbaric loincloth. Females are encouraged to wear plate.
[Image: IST_Noodle2_sm.jpg]
Sorry that we couldn't make it lot, we had to do an emergency trip to our local Target, which went longer than scheduled.... Shortly after our daily swim... extending too long.

..Guess we were just being doofuses today. Terribly sorry, do expect to hear from us via tells though.

Just FYI our characters are:

Skartag, Orc Warlock

Agkara, Orc Rogue.

Sorry for missing the moot.

Hooray for more orcs!

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