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A change of allegiances
After further research, review and comparisons, I've realized the choice I took between Aldor and Scryer weeks ago was a wrong one. As a result, I am now finding myself trying to correct the error and am here to ask for a bit of help... *blushes, while cursing herself for not taking Kosath's advice sooner*

I hate doing posts like these; alas I'm a bit desperate. If any of you whatsoever have any Dreadfang Venom Sacs at all that you’ve collected about your ways in Terrokar, I would most definitely appreciate them. The sacs will be used on my behalf in a repeatable quest to get my hostile reputation with Aldor out of the red. They drop off the Deadfang Widows to the east and west of the Bone Wastes. Many of you killed twenty of them for "The Fallen" quest (which lead up to killing Terokkarantula), and I'm also quite sure most of our tailors and those needing bigger bags have slain them repeatedly for their Netherweb Spider Silk. : )

I am <b>very</b> willing to buy them from you if need be. This could be a bit of a painful process.. and it’s a bit daunting to sit down and realize how many I might need to finally hit Neutral again with Aldor. Any help any of you could possibly give me would be appreciated tons. Thank you!!
So thats what those are for.....

Well, I'm glad that I have been keeping them then.

I will send you what I have.
Hmm, I just did that quest two days ago and sold all of those shortly thereafter. That makes me relatively useless to your cause. Sorry that I wasn't leveling slower to catch that. :wink:
That would be excellent if you could do that, Dai, only 36 more to go and I'll hit Neutral again... Much thanks to all who have helped thus far!
Hi sis! Gimme a holler some night and we go wack ebil spidys all nights!
Hehe, thanks Uglawha, but I hit Neutral with Aldor again this morning! Thank you for all those who helped me, Ironsong is the best! : )

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