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A chance for the rest of them.
It has occurred to me that many people reach higher levels and are unsure what to do once they're there. Many are intimidated by the harder dungeons, heroics, and especially raids. This stems (I believe) from insecurity caused by lack of gear and experience (especially for people who want to play roles as healers or tanks). So I'm planning on arranging at least 3 days of the week during which people can get some time to join in on some higher-end content and/or the dungeons needed to acquire gear for more difficult runs.

The goals of these runs will be as follows:

1) Help people (targeting newer players in particular) become more comfortable with their class/alts (especially those willing and wanting to learn how to play tanking or healing specs). The easiest way to achieve this is to offer runs where wipes aren't a problem, but rather anticipated. If (for example) someone isn't sure about their healing, but wants to try, it will be encouraged.

2) Help people gather gear for one or two specs for higher end content. This starts with normal dungeons, heroics, and eventually (though this might not become a part of these runs for some time) raids. The idea will be to target places where gear can be acquired for the purpose of experiencing more content, and players in more dire need of upgrades will get priority to a limited extent.

3) Last but obviously not least, the previously mentioned experiencing of more content. Players lacking in either or both of the above categories miss out on a lot of the fun aspects of this game. Given Blizzard's recent and more friendly attitude towards less experienced players, this goal will not be so hard to achieve.

To make these runs possible, a healer and tank will be available at all runs to sub in when needed. Axulia (aka Dalxein) is experienced and ready to heal, tank, or DPS any conceivable run. I will be offering my services as healer and DPS (as well as tank once mine is of level and up to par). We're in this project together, and we both plan on (at least initially) being the ones in charge of this event.

Days we had in mind were Monday (when nothing is going on), Thursday (so we can mention the runs at the moot (possibly immediately after the moot for Thursday)), and Friday (because people who have morning engagements during the week tend to be able/want to stay on later). This brings me to another aspect of this: I plan on doing this runs a bit later than most, around 11pm server time. No more dungeons will be entered after 1am, and the hard cut-off time will be 2am. I myself work until later in the evening, so 11pm server sounds a bit more realistic. It's later, but this is one of the bits still in the works (we may try it for a time and see if we need to change it). This should also prevent any conflict with other guild events.

This is the idea as it stands. I'm hoping to start this almost immediately (this upcoming Monday if all goes well) and to mention it at the moot tomorrow. I need feedback, any and all will help! Be honest, be thoughtful, provide additional ideas, tell us which ones you don't like, which you do, etc...


PS: This is to help players improve themselves/alts. Players strictly in it for better loot, while not altogether omitted from this, will be encouraged to understand the purpose and go with it.
Ummmmm, I posted offering something similar, but with Focus on those who have reached level 80 and Heroics only. Your idea seems more thought out, so you will probably see more intrest.
Lurie..this is an excellent idea and I feel you have made a good game plan.
Please let officers know about announcements or Guild banner postings so we can help you get the word out.

Sing True Ironsong!

I noticed you posted this in the member forums. We might move it to the open raiding forum so that our partners, Dark Valkyries and Discord, might participate. This would give you a bigger pool of people from which to draw.

My only real question is how many people fall into this category. Maybe a sign-up list with character name and role.

For those looking to gear-up for raiding, I think the Don/Axulia Naxx raid on Sundays is also a good option.

If IST members are wanting to participate in the End-game raids (currently, Ulduar) on Tues. and Fri. nights, all they have to do is let me know and have gear of an appropriate level. For Ulduar, I would put this at Tier 7 purples.
Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
This is a great idea, both Lurie's version and what Erudan had come up with as well.

My main issue is the fact that no matter how much I want to participate in stuff with you guys, I can't, because neither of my toons are 80 yet.

Kaisharra is almost to 71, and Valshar is 71, but I'd deeply appreciate any help whenever anyone's bored enough to run non-80 stuff to help me level and get some decent gear so that by the time I am 80 I'll have at least a solid start on gear for running heroics and eventually raids.

With Valshar, my dk, I'd be perfectly willing to try tanking with him, with a patient group, and some help from an experienced dk tank to help me figure out the best talent build for it.
First, thank you for all the response so far.

Jabadue, I fully intended to move this into the open raiding once the guild has provided their input so I could fine-tune the idea. You're 100% right about the number of people. As for the sign-up list, that's a brilliant idea. I'm thinking that to sign up, players should provide their level (or, if 80, gear situation), higher-level alts, which of the 3 days they'd like to attend (Mon, Thurs, and Fri), as well as their role interest for each alt (DPS, Heals, Tank). Once we know the level of interest, we'll know how this will go.

Kaisharra, while I highly encourage you to start running, if we get enough people who aren't 80 yet, we'll be running certain dungeons to gear them for heroics first anyways. While I would encourage you to attempt to hit 77 at least, these runs are not going to be 80 exclusive. What we do on a given night will be highly dependent on what level those who attend are and what gear/role they want to play. When I post the sign-up list, I encourage you to put both Kaisharra and your DK down, with their level and your desire to tank. If we had, for instance, a slow night, it wouldn't take a full group to help you through some earlier Northrend dungeons and help you learn/enjoy yourself. ;D

Dispaya, thank you, I will. ~Bows~

Eruadan, I am aware of the previous attempts at similar things. I'm wondering if the jump into Heroics didn't scare off some less experienced players during the first ones. Perhaps times just weren't suitable or too few possible participants visited the totem while the events were forming. I mostly just felt it was time for another try, with a very open, honest, fun set of gatherings where people could try new things. Aside from posting on the totem, I will briefly mention this at the moots I (or Axulia) attend, referring to the general idea and telling people to look for the post here. In addition, as mentioned, Dispaya wants me to ask the officers for aid.

I hope more feedback comes, so far, it's been splendid.
Sounds great, Lurie, and thanks for trying to get this organized.

My 2 cents, from running our Tuesday night heroic runs for a couple months:

1. Pick a regular starting time for each night, and broadcast it widely and often. If people know that there is a reliable instance run, they can plan their schedule around it and will find that they can make time.

Many players who "don't have time to run instances" actually "don't have have time to sit around trying to get an instance run started". Smile

2. If there is enough interest here or in-game, don't be shy about delegating an earlier time slot to someone.

3. Advertise in IronsongLFG about 20 minutes, and again about 10 minutes, before your run. That gives people time to finish what they're doing and not start a new activity before your start time.
First off, Oryx, good advice. Thank you!

Secondly, I will be moving this post into the Open Raiding forum shortly, so people can view it immediately after the moot today. Further ideas should be posted here, while the sign-ups should be the priority of the new thread (to avoid confusion, I hope!).
I love this idea! Mainly cause I can't make the raids on any sort of normal schedule, but this sort of thing on Mondays I should be able to do. I even have a 78 healer I can offer up to help. Thanks, it would be great to get into the tribal activities again.

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