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A bigger bag
I still have my Satchel of Cenarius, a 24-slot Herb Bag, and I couldn't help but notice everyone else has 28-slotters now. Is there a place for me to get this?
If anyone can do this it would be Eveline.
Saltin i think does not have the cenarion rep to make them as of yet.
Saltin (mage 375tailor ,375 enchanter)
Lucrenda (Rogue 375miner ,352 smith)
Asaram (Hunter 375skinner 351 leatherworker)
Pahakan (Warrior 350herbs 375alchemy )
Mantiki (Shaman 355miner 363engineer)
Hoti (Warlock 190Miner 350 jeweler)
Have Alt Will Travel
Thank you for your kind faith in me, Saltin!

I believe that an improvement on the Cenarion Satchel has not been drafted as of yet. You may be out of luck for now, Wakaraina. Taking the time to double check patterns and reputation rewards, I did not find any new Herb Bags. I know a few herbalists who keep two 24-slot Satchels among their belongings; I would be happy to craft another for you if you would like that.

Safe travels!

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