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A Warning
I have encountered single-handedly the most arrogant priest ever.

I was recruited to run Scarlet Monastery with a fellow named Ladrea, of the Fearfullness Fist guild. Throughout the entire instance, he continued to pull tons of aggro onto us by jumping around rather than heal, causing adds to accumulate and accumulate.

When I started giving him polite pointers, he decided that I wasn't going to get healed anymore during the run. Before I left the group, I let him die about five times by not rescuing him.

Be warned: if you try to help this fellow, he'll decide you aren't worthy of his heals.

By the way, he was OOC the entire time, while I was IC. So, this was personal on his end.
While I'm sure all of us have come across a fair share of questionable players in this game throughout our seasons, I'm unsure if trashing their name (no matter what's been done) on a public form is the most productive way to go about dealing with said frustration... Just a thought. I'm not here to criticize you, please understand that.

Regardless, I'm sorry you went through such an experience. We've all been through a horror story of a pug now and again, eventually we're able to move on from 'em and create enough friends in game to not have to resort to them. But crazy enough, they can actually teach us a thing now and again too.. even if it's a lesson in aggro managment from hell. : )
Honestly, there's nothing hateful here, I promise. Had I access to private forums, it'd be in there instead.

I popped Taunt after Taunt, Mocking Blow after Mocking Blow, and every Challenging Shout I could to keep this kid alive... it was a bit frustrating.
Welcome to the life of a warrior Smile

In all honesty, this is, as Sound said, where one learns to tank the best. Things don't go as planned, and sometimes stuff happens even with the best of groups. This type of thing gets you prepared, and helps you appreciate the better healers.
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It is in the bad PUGs that you learn the best. It is hard to learn how to hold agro well if the group is compitent like our guildmates. Just accept it as a learning opportunity and move on, bad PUGs aren't worth the time to even be grumpy at. Smile
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Guys, i feel you sound a bit condescending here, presumably because Tadakatsu is a Peon currently. I am sure it's unintentional but he already clearly stated that he wasn't upset about it. Other Tribemates have warned us about especially troublesome individuals before, it's a normal part of playing an MMO. Not sure what makes his warning any different other than perhaps perceived tone. Everyone is free to heed or ignore such notes as ever. : ) I'm not posting this as a moderator of officer, just my $0.02. I mean, I just don't pug anyway.
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I don't take anything said here as being condescending, though I thank you for that concern. Honestly, I am only, in my opinion, skilled at playing a class up to the level that I am at, minus group or raid skills.

I've been on one (1) big raid, and that was only for one boss. (AQ 40) I've done SM millions of times.

I've never had a healer tell one of the tanks that they aren't going to get healed. I wanted to make folks aware of someone this... well, this bad.

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