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A Venture to Stormwind City...
I must admit I had a rather interesting time. Allow me to start at the beginning, however...

A few days ago, I was sashaying along in Booty Bay in my pirate outfit (very comfortable, but not very protective) as I normally do. I was a bit bored of the hunting and questing and whatnot, so I felt I needed to pay a visit to Stormwind and see the sights.
With that decision made, I headed north through the jungles of Stranglethorn on my trusty wolf. Once I entered Duskwood, however, I figured the locals would be a bit mistrusting of an orc on a wolf (Raider? Me? Never!), so I dismounted and packed away my weapon, so as to not seem as intimidating. With my weapon away, I walked along the path and proceeded onward to Stormwind, going from the information I've heard from stories told in the tavern. It wasn't exactly easy going through Duskwood, either, as all the... er... dusk made it rather difficult to read those signposts. I really think you alliance folk should try and do something about the weather there. Hire some gnomes or something...
Anyhow, along the way I passed a few humans and elves, and even a dwarf here and there. A few of them started to follow me, for reasons I know not, but I continued onward, intent on getting to the fabled Stormwind City.
Once I entered Westfall, things took a bit more of a twist. It would seem that an orc in a pirate getup is more threatening than I would have expected (at least, in the guards' viewpoints), so I had to pick up my feet a few times to run away from their blades... and although their blades didn't really damage my physically, it was a bit damaging on my pride. However, I deemed it more necessary to continue onward in my 'quest' than to introduce my mace to the young patrolmen and women. From then on I knew I should avoid contact from these misguided folks.
Along my way, I met a rather annoying dwarf who seemed to enjoy running ahead of me as I was walking about, stopping, and as I approached to pass by him, turn around and waggle his rear at me. I found this mildly amusing the first two times, then it started to get on my nerves. Regardless, I held my goal foreward in my mind, and continued on.
By this time, I had gathered quite a retinue of humans, elves and the dwarf who were walking with me. I presume it was an honorary escort, but I cannot be sure... though I can simply assume the dwarf was drunk and not acting accordingly (which is probably standard).
Anyhow, as I was about to enter Elwynn Forest, I noticed a few guards standing at their posts at the bridge. Not wanting to be waylayed from my goal, I mounted my steed, passed them by quickly and continued onward to Stormwind, with them (and my 'escort') following behind. Eventually, I got off my wolf again, still not wanting to be seen as a threat, and continued onward, straining my mind trying to remember the locations I've heard about in the forest.
Soon, in the near distance, I caught sight of a small town. Realizing this was probably the town of Goldshire, I headed north into the wilderness, keeping in mind that Stormwind City was not far off. Sure enough, I soon caught sight of the massive gate, and I was overjoyed! My joy was quickly quelled when I saw some very experienced-looking guards patrolling about at the gate, and, looking farther into the city, I saw even more guards. Oh... joy...

Well, I supposed that the attempt of not seeming threatening was a failure, so I mounted my wolf once more, and charged into the city!
... unfortunately, the guards quickly apprehended me, knocked me off my wolf, and knocked *me* out as I was in the middle of the entry valley of... statues.
When I came to, I saw the guards had quickly noticed my return of consciousness, and while I made it a bit further into the city, they still were rather efficient in dispatching me once again.
To make a longer story shorter, after continuous 'episodes' of this, I eventually made it to an empty tavern in The Park. Thanking whatever gods were out there that I was finally able to find a relatively 'safe' haven, I rested for a bit to heal my many injuries and conserve my strength.

After my lengthy rest (during which I had no visitors, for some odd reason), I decided I wanted company, as it was rather boring in the tavern by myself, and I also wanted to see if the humans residing there could be diplomatic and understanding. (Very bold and daring, I know)
I tried yelling a few times, as I figured hearing orcish would be enough to get them to try and find me. Unfortunately, that did nothing, as I received no responses. I then tried using my far sight ability to locate a potential 'friend.' Eventually, after 'looking about' in several areas, I was able to find a dwarven priest near another tavern... I believe it was in the mage quarter, if my memory serves correctly (these signs I could read, fortunately!). I "led" him to me using my ability ((far-sighting in several locations next to each other)) and waved at him.
I don't know what it may have been... perhaps my pirate outfit? I'm not sure... but he took a look at me, and wandered away. Sighing to myself, I took a closer look at the insides of the tavern. Seems there were a few bottles here and there, so perhaps the owner of the building was out restocking? Who knows.
I turned around and saw the priest had returned! But... he was crouched down and casting a spell... he didn't seem very priestly and good at that moment. Next thing I knew, I had been hit by his wrath! This of course stunned me, as I tried to recollect why in the world he would attack me when I was in such a non-threatening posture while no weapons were wielded. However, after he struck me with his wrath a few times, I knew I had better go knock some sense into him... and I did! When I was nearing the point of unconsciousness, he stopped and... bowed to me? While thankful, I had to maintain some dignity, so I summarily bonked him and bowed back to him, while taking a seat at a nearby table. Thankfully, he didn't decide to harm me again and left.

Word must have spread from this dwarf or the guards that came out of the wordwork while I was trying to get to the location, because soon I had another visitor, this time a younger human. He sat across from me, pointed at me and said "Ras" in his tongue. After blinking at him, he repeated it, and I therefore assumed it was the human word for "orc," so I pointed at him and said "human," after which he cheered. While I would have enjoyed continuing and seeing what other human words I could understand, he soon got up, bowed and left.
While I was thinking about this, pondering that perhaps these humans from Stormwind were not so misunderstood about orcs as I originally anticipated, two other humans dashed in. One a rather experienced-looking paladin, and another that... did not seem as wise. I grinned at them from my seat at the table and waved, hoping that perhaps they could join me and continue with attempts at communication. It seems that would not be so, however. After one look at me, and them yelling gibberish, I was attacked and swiftly brought down where I sat. Very disappointing, I assure you... but my last thought was one of amusement, as while they had been yelling at me, a night elf had entered. After they brought me down, she slapped one of them. Ha...
When I came to again, I glared at the elder paladin, hoping that he would show some decency and not attack an unarmed person. Regrettably, that would not be so, because after another short exchange (of which I had no clue what they were saying), I was cut down once more.
At this point, I had had enough of the lack of hospitality Stormwind residents showed their guests (especially those guests from far away and of different races!), so when I regained consciousness, I bowed and nodded to the two human paladins and the night elf, and proceeded to astral recall my way out of there.
For a moment, I thought they were going to cut me down again, for the younger paladin (apparently the elder's squire) ran up and stunned me, interrupting my spell. Slightly annoyed, I purged him once, causing him to retreat, and then successfully hearthstoned my way out of there.

Overall, a rather valuable learning experience. Stormwind guards are rude, paladins are mean and not exactly "noble" in their acts, night elves can be amusing, dwarves are always drunk and enjoy shaking their rears, and random "youngin's" seem to enjoy escorting tourists through the lands.
Great post.
You are my hero.
Someday when I'm brave enough I'd like to make a similar voyage myself.
I hear Stormwind is an impressive sight to see, and a rare honor for a member of the Horde.

Damn those Paladins, where's the honor in striking down an unarmed Pirate, just wanting some good Grog.
Next time shout for 'Parlay'
Vote Akora for MA!

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