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A Stitch in Time
A Stitch in Time

So it was that Dispaya's body returned to the sea. There it was lost amongst the coral and rocks of the ocean and yet her spirit still bound to Azeroth soared free. She found that if she summoned enough will and energy she could manifest and speak to those who were close to her and so she did that and gave them what warnings she could about the future disasters that were about to befall them all. It was a time of change in Azeroth and more importantly there were many changes happening in the Ironsong Tribe as well.

The tribe was well enough despite Sreng taking them away from Hellscreams Horde to become an independant entity. With that came a great need for a much more warlike stance and a need to become stronger in order to protect their own interests. To this end they recruited some of the strongest raiders in all the world to join their cause from those who were as equally fed up with Hellscreams brutal ways. With this the tribe prospered and became strong and yet for some whose ways were less warlike, it was a time of great sadness. Some, who had enjoyed the peace since the downfall of Arthas were once again forced to take up arms and to defend themselves against the coming threats. War is never a thing to be enjoyed for even in victory comes the sadness of lives lost and lives forever changed. With change always comes the sadness of loss. With loss comes sadness and so the circle goes.

And what of Dispaya, she whose spirit now soared free through the ether? For a time it seemed her spirit was destined to remain free until one of her tribe decided he had missed her quite long enough. This fellow who I shall not call by name had the initial L and so I shall refer to him only as "L."

L was a warlock of tremendous power and also a great friend of dear Dispaya who he had always had a great fondness for. He had missed her since her departure years ago and though he had heard that she had found happiness as a mortal he never believed she could remain happy in such a way. He was, for all intent and purpose, immortal himself and so knew the trememdous power such a state brings. With age comes learning and wisdom and though Dispaya herself had scarcely looked a day older than 18 in human years, her wisdom was that of several lifetimes. He needed her back and he needed her here. Once more her friends needed her ...especially Anca, for the child seemed lost without her adopted sister. When Kardwell had returned and told them all of Dispaya's body death and loss to the sea it was news he simply could not accept. Her spirit had appeared to them or so he had been told. She was trapped and he knew it. He understood souls and the journey of souls better than most priests. If her spirit was here than it had not passed on. If it had not passed on then she suffered. He could not bear the thought of her suffering.

And so after much debate he made a decision and thus travelled to the front lines of the Forsakens battles in Silverpine forest. The Forsaken were holding their own against the new Worgen threats from Gilneas but there was terrible loss and bloodshed. The Forsaken now were replenishing their numbers by raising the dead of their own enemies. As a Warlock he was fascinated by this and knew the Forsaken would grow even stronger now that Sylvanus was at the peak of her power. Good for her.

Because of the creation rituals L had a difficult time finding a suitable corpse for what he intended. In fact there were none and only bits and pieces of several different ones to choose from on the battlefields. Bodies that were intact were harvested quickly by Forsaken scouts who might not appreciate him taking something they felt was rightfully theirs. Alas knowing that beggers cannot always be choosers, he went about selecting what he needed from various sources. He picked a torso from one corpse and two arms from another. A leg here and a suitable foot there that would also suit his purpose. He found a freshly killed girl whose body was still wet with fresh blood and although the lower half was missing, her head was fully intact and so he took this as well. The fact that she was not human was only of moderate concern.

He returned to Undercity and made his way to a hidden doorway that led to a secret crypt that only he and a handfull of others knew about. In fact he had once been stored here for a time as well while his own undead energies had replenished. This was Dispaya's crypt and once home of the Farseer herself. He pressed a secret rune and whispered the magic word that unlocked the door and the panel at once slid open. Once inside he found her laboratory still intact although it had not been used in some time. Dust covered the place and rats roamed about. Despite the time that had passed he found that he felt most at home here.

L set about the task of making a suitable body to contain the lost spirit of the friend he and his friends had lost so long ago. Taking all of the parts he had stolen and calling upon all of his skills as a tailor he soon stitched together a complete corpse. It took him several days but L was in fact a talented tailor and made each stitch with careful precision. Nothing less than perfection would do. He next embalmed the corpse with the fluid from Undercity that helped maintain the Forsaken. This would keep the body from decomposing until suitable magic could be worked. Satisfied with his work he covered the body with a sheet and retired to rest himself for what was to come. Exhausted from his work he slept for the following three days.


L rose from his coffin resting place feeling fully recharged. First he checked the body which still lay peacefully under the sheet on the lab table. It was practically a work of art he thought to himself. Some of my best work ever! He then left the lab carefully locking the door and making sure no one saw him emerge into the bowels of Undercity. From there he went to the main market area and spent his gold on various supplies. He was careful not to buy too much from one vendor lest someone become suspicious. One could never be sure who was trustworthy amongst the Forsaken any more.

Returning to the lab he created a magic summoning circle about the lab table. He next called upon his Succubus servant to aid him in what he had planned. Candles were lit on all 5 points of the pentagram that now encircled the pieced together corpse. L raised his hands and began to chant ancient spells as he reached deep into the recesses of all of the power his mind contained. It was time to bring her back.


Dispayas spirit soared free and yet she fretted still and worried about her friends. Her mind was still (mostly) intact though she suffered from confusion about her own nature and who or what she was. She surmised that the spells which had originally made her undead had bound her spirit to the moral world in a way that was beyond nature and in a way that had left her spirit mostly intact. Because of the binding she could not pass on to the heavens or the emerald dream. She was now a ghost but not one that was bound to a place by anger. She was a spirit but not like the angry ones she had battled in Karazhan. Those things were incomplete and only shadows of the beings they had once been in life. She was whole though she could no longer interact with the physical. It was only with great effort that she could make herself known to physical beings. She spoke once to her old tribe and once to Anca her sister...and to Lucinther who she held so dear...but these contacts had drained her to the point of helplessness causing her to drift the ether for unknown periods of time. So this is what it means to be truly dead she had thought, though for me peace seems to be unobtainable. Always my concerns for my friends will bind me. Always shall I be in pain.

She drifted along the ether until all at once something took hold of her. It felt like a tentacle that wrapped itself around her leg. It tugged at her once and then again slowly encircling her.

Dispaya tried to resist this force but it soom grew too strong for her struggles. It seemed almost as if she were ina battle of wills against someone else...someone who felt familier. Once the force encircled her completely she looked down to see a silver cord now emanating from her belly. It looked like the cord that attaches a mother to a newborn baby but was as intangible as she was. The cord sailed off into the ether and she could not see the other end but then all at once it pulled her again then again. She could no longer resist it and so she allowed herself to follow the summons. At last the cloudy ether parted and she could see the ruins of Lordaeron. Outside were now standing great war machines and great vats of plague. The Forsaken were obviously now at war and had marshalled their forces. Next she found herself in the Undercity floating along the streets lined with markets and vendors. She could not hear their voices. In fact they looked just as intangible to her as she would be to them.

The door she next saw was one she recognized. It was the door to her old lab which she had locked long ago. With a whoosh she was pulled through the door and into the main chamber. She stopped for a moment floating above the scene of a magical ritual. A warlock who she almost recognized stood with his hands held aloft. In one hand was a shard of some sort and it was from this that the silver cord had sprung. He stood inside a magical circle and in the center was a table covered by a sheet. Surrounding the circle were the spirits of hundreds of dead souls. They all reached for the Warlock appearing to beg for his help yet the circle somehow kept them away. Under the sheet was a body of some sort. As she was pulled closer she found that her own spirit crossed into the circle easily.


The succubus yelled out "She is here now master! I can see her!" The Warlock nodded and now approached the body on the table. He raised the soul shard above his head and grasped it with both hands. With a final cry he plunged the shard down driving it into the heart of the body under the sheet.


Dispaya suddenly felt herself plunging downward in a spiral that felt to her like she was trapped in a whirlpool or vortex. Down and down and down she went until she suddenly felt herself hit with a BUMP! She felt something that she had not felt in a very long time and that sensation was...>pain<. This sudden sensation now emanated from where her head should be...and it throbbed like nothing she had ever felt in life or undeath.


As a matter of reflex Dispaya opened her eyes but saw only white. She was at first certain this was all some strange experience the ether conjured for her but the white was not cloudy like the places she had been in. At once the white vanished as L removed the sheet and looked down into her now physical eyes.

Dispaya blinked until her vision cleared. The face she first saw was a very familier one though she could not place the name. "You?" she said.

The Forsaken looked over her and smiled with a friendly smile of slightly cracked teeth. "ME." he said.

Dispaya forced herself to sit up on the table. She was stiff...in more ways than she knew at the time. Her limbs barely moved as she tried to raise an arm to look at her hand. What she saw was unfamilier. A hand had obviously been stitched to an arm that was also stitched to her shoulder. Her skin was pale like it once had been. She next placed her hand against her chest to feel for life but there was none. The body she was now in had no heartbeat. She was undead once again.

"Happy Birthday." The succubus smirked before seating herself in a nearby chair.

She stood up slowly, careful to keep the sheet wrapped around her. L helped her to stand. The succubus could have helped also but was instead busily polishing her nails. Dispaya took a step and almost fell. Things were fuzzy in her mind as her new brain slowly began to help her spirit process what was happening around her.

"I could not bear to leave you out there to suffer." The Warlock said. "It is too much in your nature to look after others."

Still not sure where she was, the patchwork girl looked around.

"Who...am I?" she wondered.

"You are Dispaya...archmage...farseer...friend to me and others."

"Dispaya? My...name...is...Caroline....Caroline White? Or was it...Fae...something?""

"Indeed...ah well...these things will come back to you in time Dispaya. I shall help you. Give me your hand."

She held out her hand and L took hold of it. Together they walked until she was able to get her footing once again.

"I know you." she smiled at last. "I remember..."

Hello - I hope everyone is doing well :-)
I have reactivated my account for the expansion. I'm very curious to see all the new content. I guess you could say the expansion "summoned me back!"

I am making some character changes and some I have not fully decided on, including Dispaya's name, but please remember that no matter what changes I make I am still the same person no matter what. Cataclysm to me is a time for change and so this is my version of that. I personally was feeling like I had done all with her that I could and so needed some new way to re-energize myself so this is where I am going with it. She has a daughter now also, as some of you may have read. I am opening both of these threads now for RP.

I'm likely going to race change Dispaya to an elf. I am no longer impressed with forsaken culture and since she was never fully a part of them it makes sense to me to seperate her even more. As such in RP she will be elvish although still undead much like the dark rangers. Her spirit will merge with the dead brain of the body she now inhabits and so she may have memories of both lives. I think this will make her an interesting character to interact with. In terms of mana and green eyes, my rp will be that she now has to absorb mana to maintain her undead life. Dispaya is now an entity that has lived several lifetimes. She was once Caroline of Gilneas, then The White Lady of the Scourge, Dispaya of the Forsaken, Caroline of Southshore and now a new incarnation as an undead elf.

So greetings to everyone. Please look me up if you wish. I look forward to hearing from all of you again. I will add that many have asked if I am returning to the guild. I have spoken to Sreng but I am not planning to return as of yet. Perhaps when the time is right...? I will be joining the Ironsong rp chat soon however and look forward to seeing you all there. I am also opening a chat channel of my own that will be considered Dispayascrypt...so you may travel there to speak to her as needed. I look forward to playing the expansion with everyone so please look for me if you need help with anything.

As always...all my love and power,

Sing True Ironsong!
Lucinther awoke abruptly to a noise. He hadn't slept... in... months? He had come into the main foyer of Dispaya's Sanctuum to think... as he did often when it seemed as if everything around him was falling apart. The Sanctum always made him feel at peace and made it easier for him to sort his thoughts out. His mind had wandered off back to the Hallow's End Ball. Back to the last time he had seen her. He drifted off to sleep as he remembered her kiss, that night. He had fallen asleep in a shadowy corner close to the fireplace that once burned so brightly. The fires had long since grown cold and died out, but all the same, the place still made him feel like he was at home...more than any other place had ever made him feel... in all of his lives.

Lucinther was on high alert. Someone was in the sanctum with him. It was someone he didn't know. He would have felt Anca's presence had she come into the crypt ( as she had her own secret way in as well, and had on occasion come in, likely for the same reasons Lucinther did). The rooms were still dark, not that it mattered, he could see fine without the light. He checked a few of the magical wards Dispaya had put in place and they remained undisturbed. Whoever was here was either good with magic... or knew his way around the crpyt.... or both.

Using the darkness and the shadows to his advantage, as usual, he kept himself nearly invisible. He noticed a small flicker of light. A candle perhaps? he wandered towards it, remaining hidden. He stumbled across the laboratory.... The room was lit with candles everywhere. A neatly drawn pentagram drawn on the floor beneath what looked like a makeshift operating table. On the table was a humanoid form covered by a white sheet. The man standing next to the table was deep into a summoning ritual. Lucinther watched with curiosity. Then.... he saw her spirit and nearly collapsed to his knees. It was all he could do to keep himself standing. The Warlock was bringing her back. He wanted to cry with joy. He watched as the ritual was completed.

Lucinther had watched the exchange between the two. Dispaya was still very weak and would need time to recover from everything she had been through. Her journey as a spirit had not been an easy one. He sighed quietly and hid further in the shadows. She would need someone to watch over her while she rested. She needed him. He would remain there, watching, hidden in the shadows, protecting her.
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