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A Request from Outside the Horde
Greetings unto the Honorable Tribesmen of Ironsong.

You might be quite surprised that I am contacting you in this manner. However, I fear that this is a necessity because of the dire circumstances that have arisen among the ranks of the Alliance.

First, I must introduce myself properly. I am Tireyzah Sanyilma of the Silver Council, and I am, in fact, a human within the Alliance. I approach you because I have both seen and heard much concerning your activities within our lands, most of which includes peaceful interaction and cooperation with our people.

I am sorry to say that I seek your aid in a very dire situation which threatens not only the Alliance, but the entirety of Azeroth. I refer to the fact that someone seeks to release the Burning Legions once more upon this world and end all that we have sought to build these last five years. Ryvin is the name of this man, and he is condemned to death by the Alliance for the crime of Necromancy, but the list includes Kidnapping, Attempted Murder and Treason Against Azeroth.

However, I do not wish to force this quest upon you if you do not wish to undertake it. There would be no dishonor to you if you decline to assist us, but we thought it would be wise to inform you of this occurance nonetheless.

I humbly extend my thanks and gratitude toward you all for allowing me to put forward this request, and hope that good fortune follows you and your loved ones whatever you might decide.

Light and Honor be with you always.

Sincerely yours,
Tireyzah Sanyilma
*The message is scratched out in a crude version of Darnassian, gouged deep in the wood of the totem by something with very large claws. Underneath the short message there is a small sunburst icon carved*

Leave your terms, human. You may have allies in unlikely places.
*looks at Amato* Where can find the Human? Pfft, I say to never help a Human, but I must know more and why he is so desperate.
Oh oh!!! Coda wants to help Coda wants to help!

*begins writing her own reply to the human then pauses*

Ummmm how does Coda write human?

*Begins writing again*

Ooooga booga Coda will helpa yousa if ita makey peoples happya

*pauses and thinks*

Coda expectsys a reward of candys.

*nods her head*

All done!
I not mind helping humans but I not know if I would be much help ((43 hunter)). I do what I can though!...Oh! If Chief says it okay of course!
*after having had this all read and thoroughly explained to him*

so... uh... yuh need helps fer tuh SMASH sumting?

*Umu stands there with a puzzled expression on his face, scratching his head and drooling all over the ground for a while*

well, dat wut Umu goods fer! Jus show Umu 'er it bees an Umu put swordses in it head! Den mebbe eat it if tasteses goods.

*grins and starts trying to find his misplaced sword... which is dangling on his back*
*wanders over, wondering what all the fuss is about*


Coda! Your 'human' is still mostly orcish! With a few Taurahe conjugates lying about... just for extra fun, I think. I think the sentiment is admirable, though.

*gets out a few dictionaries from various places, but quickly gives up after trying to translate "Ooga Booga."*

Umu... here.

*hands Umu a towel and gestures at the sword on his back*

I think the pointy thing is the one you were looking for? The not-pointy things seem to be in your bag. And some of the more strangely shaped pointy things as well.

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