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A Podcast to Check Out
I am loving The Adventure Zone (actual-play D&D podcast available from iTunes or maximumfun.org)

I have mentioned it before on Discord, but I just really wanted to recommend it again.  It started as a one-off episode from these guys’ other podcast (MBMBAM), so the first story arc rambles a bit and has a few dick jokes.  It was still quite engaging even then, and there are many gold nuggets hiding amidst the confusion of the earliest episodes; certainly enough to get me hooked.  As they settle into their characters and the GM tosses the comes-in-the-box module they started with and begins to write his own campaign, it just gets better and better.

There are some truly epic character moments, and one particular event that took twenty-five or thirty episodes to come together in a perfect move that I first experienced while flying home for Christmas and I had to jam my face into the plane window to stifle my uncontrollable laughter.

What it is not: Critical Role.  These guys have very little D&D experience and learn as they go.  It’s never going to be super hardcore rulebook-uber-alles D&D. It’s a humor/storytelling podcast.

It’s not mean or demeaning.  There is much cursing but the boys try very hard to be otherwise family friendly and open to all. (It’s pretty sweary, hehe)

What it is: Two brothers and their Dad playing a campaign written and GM’d by their third brother.  it is real-play, not edited for anything but time. it’s funny, sometimes poignant, and eventually turns into a live improv Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story that just knocks it out of the park as a fun experience. In the first arc (Here There Be Gerblins) they are still playing mostly with the starter module; it's not until the second story arc (Murder on the Rockport Express) that the campaign is fully written by Griffin the GM.  They really hit their stride with Petals to the Metal, and it just gets better from there.

You can start with episode 1.5, which is a shorter version of the starting episode, so there’s slightly less flailing around.

Obviously it’s not going to be for everyone, but I wouldn’t want folks to start in, hear the first stupid boner joke and then assume the rest of the episodes are like that.  They're not.  

Anyway, if you have any interest in a nerdy and goofy D&D podcast with actually a really good story, check it out.  Big Grin They are currently approaching the finale of this campaign, and it's going to be epic.
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What's a dazzling urbanite like you doing in a rustic setting like this?
"if you have any interest in a nerdy and goofy..."

Um, have you met us? Big Grin

Sounds fun!
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