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A Note Tacked To the Totem

Arthas is coming
The armies of the Scourge rise in the North.

They will invade and when they do your lives will be forfeit.
Your peoples and your families will suffer untold horrors.
Your brothers and sisters will be made to serve the Lich King as his undead servants.

And what do you do to prevent this? Do you train or prepare?
Or do you spend your time at trivial festivals?

The Moots are a time of tribe togetherness yet for too long have they become nothing more than bickering sessions where one tribe mate tries to best another with insults. Too long have they been nothing more than inductions for new peons...each one more arrogant and trivial than the last.

Blood Elves...where is your nobility? Your bravery? Where is the strength you showed upon overcoming the Sunwell's destruction? Will all that be wasted with petty arrogance?

Tauren...where is your honor and how will you be seen by the spirits of your ancestors? Will they look on you proudly or with disdain for the weakling you have become?

Orcs...a warrior people...none braver or more skilled in battle. None more feared on the battlefield or field of honor! Yet you sit in pubs and drink until you are soft and worthless.

Trolls...None more clever than you...none more meciless and none who weild the power of the elements with more fury! Your people rose above your barbaric cousins to forge a place for yourself in the world. None are braver than you...yet you spend time making trivial jokes and threatening our blood elf allies.

Forsaken...you who were saved by Sylvanas and who took back your independant will. You who suffered more than any at the hands of your former slavemaster...you who once had nothing not even a thought to call your own. Yet now you sit idly by ignoring that which is almost upon you again as though it will never happen.

The Ironsong Tribe is the mightiest tribe in all the Horde. Twas we who felled Onyxia when said it could not be done! Twas we who felled Ragnaros!! Twas we who went to Outland and saved it's peoples and who brought Thrall home once more.

One Tribe!
One People!
Ironsong must be united once more!

Look around at your tribe! They are the ones who you may one day owe your life to!

Look around! The tribe mate at your side may one day be responsible for the lives of your family! The time has come to put our differences aside and see that which we all have in common!

A common enemy! An enemy who wants us to be at each others throats because in that way we will be weak and easy to conquor!

Time is growing short. Train together! Raid together!
Take up arms together!

Find that within your selves that will enable you to have faith in your brothers and sisters.

Begin to look at that what brings us together, not what makes us different!

Overcome your petty jealousies and squabbling!

Become the mighty Horde tribe you once were!

Arthas is coming!
He does not take prisoners

Farseer of Ironsong
Sing True Ironsong!
*Melikar sits there with his jaw slightly open, unable to say anything.

Merely because these words were far too true. He manages to turn his expression into a more hardened, determined one. He reaches up to his neck, somethings silver flashing in between his fingers for a moment, before it disappears under his armor.*
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
*Eruadan stands tall before his fellow tribesmates*

Let me be the light that protects, and the light that smites our enemies. I fight to protect the song that our tribe has spent many years singing. Each member I see is a note among a never ending composition. Each note coming together to form a harmonious song. We must each do our part or the harmony becomes dischord.

*Eruadan looks down to the ground and focus comes into his face as he looks back up to his tribesmates*

I fight for the Horde, but most of all I fight for you...Ironsong.

*he leans against one of the guild hall's walls, arms folded across his chest. He actually isn't speaking up with his usual sardonic attitude. The words seem to have struck him somewhere. There was feeling he thought he'd ridded himself of a long time ago. Regardless, he keeps this emotion well hidden.

Instead, he prefers giving a mere shake of his head, glaring away as a cover-up.*
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
*Peels up several newer notes and applications until she comes to this one* So the tribe wasn't always so peaceful. Interesting, they seem to get along so well now. Maybe I should be more careful with who I converse with. Dispaya seems alright though...

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