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A New Friend?
Dispaya sat in her crypt, lamenting her recent loss but happy for the finding of the Warlord, when suddenly her thoughts were broken by a tapping on the floor, she had heard the tapping before. <Tap-tap tap-tap> She swung around ready to do battle, but she didn't see who she expected, she saw a fellow Forsaken in Purple robes standing before her. "Who are you and how did you get in here?" Dispaya said. The undead man laughed and said,"There is always a way in, White Lady." Dispayas eyes narrowed at the mention of her past. "Who are you?!" Dispaya demanded of the intruder. The man laughed," I can feel your anger, White Lady, I know you well, you and your tribe." Dispaya cocked her head to one side, she did not recognize the undead standing before her, and she did have a very good memory. "Well, I pray then that you will remind me of who you are, I do not like to be at a disadvantage."
The stranger eyed Dispaya, " My name is Vespaisen, but you and your tribe did not know me by this name, no, you knew me by the name I once had...I am Balzaphon." Dispaya stood up and edged slightly toward Vespaisen, "The name sounds very familiar." Dispaya said.
"It should, I was the gate keeper in Stratholme, your tribe had to get through me to get to the Baron."
Dispaya smirked," Ah yes, and we did, quite well if I remember correctly."
Vespaisen sneered," Yes...you did at that."
Dispaya looked at him," Your not quite as...Lichy...as I remember you, your power seems to have faded as well."
"No, I am no longer a Lich, my power was taken from me, when you and your tribe defeated me, I was taken by some unknown person, to the feet of Varimathras. He was about to destroy me, when the Dark Queen spoke. I made a deal with her, I would serve her and the Forsaken in return she would spare my life..I thought this ment I could keep my power, I was wrong. In order to "atone" she stripped me of all my power and forced me to start again, this time under her watch."
Dispaya smiled," That sounds quite familiar to me, but why are you here, may I call you friend or enemy?"
Vespaisen clenched his staff," I hate you Dispaya, you and your tribe, it is because of you I lost my power and it is because of you I must rebuild...but I also adore you and your tribe a great deal, because of you I am free to do as I will, my mind is my own, and with it...I swear allegience to you, you may call me friend, and servant should you wish it.
Dispaya smiled," You offer me the freedom you just recently attained? How noble...however I do not desire a slave, I desire an ally.
Vespaisen smiled," Then an ally you will have, and a very capable one at that..in the coming days I will join your tribe and aid them as best I can.
Dispayas face turned serious," We will welcome you but know this Balzaphon, if you try or even think about hurting anyone in the tribe, I will show you true death. I swear this to you.
Vespaisen looked into her eyes," Your tribe has nothing to fear from me, I do not expect their trust nor yours, I only expect allies in battle against the Legion and the Scourge. Nothing more, nothing less."
Dispaya said," That you will have my friend."
Vespaisens eyes flared,"One day, after all this war is settled, you and I will meet again on the field of battle, and we shall decide the truth of it all."
Dispaya smirked," Its a date honey, now, its been a pleasure but run along, gain your strength, so that you can be useful to the tribe, thats my first order to you, but not my last."
Vespaisen smiled,"As you wish Lady Bard."
Vespaisen departed as quickly as he had entered, Dispaya sat down, wondering if it was this new Forsaken Vespaisen or Balzaphon that she had just welcomed. She smiled to herself and thought," At any rate, this will be interesting."
The shade watched as Vespaisen entered Dispaya's crypt. When it heard mention of Dispaya's former name, it followed Vespaisen into the room, mingling with the shadows among the walls. It stayed close to Vespaisen, mixing with the shadow that was cast by him.

When the former Lich had entered, he had only one shadow. When he left, he had two. The shade was now watching him.
Hidden by the light and invisible in darkness. The shade simply is and is not.

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