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A Matter of Time - The Change
((Posted in Dispaya's thread as well. Feel free to add your character changes here if you wish. I figure it helps to know how our characters have changed before we actually start RPing it out.))

Now that Dalaran had situated itself high among the snow-covered peaks of Northrend, it had been the hustle and bustle city that every hero (Alliance or Horde) found themselves in. Though tensions between the two factions were high with the declaration of war Varian Wrynn had placed upon everyone, the mages of Dalaran and the Kirin Tor fought hard to maintain peace within their city. Perhaps because this city and its natives were so respected (or perhaps because neither faction wanted to see such a beautiful city laid to waste), there was no fighting here. It was the only home they all had at this point.

Many of the heroes had moved here to be closer when the horn for battle did call. Those in Ironsong were no different. Some of them prefered to remain closer to the cities they grew up in or near, but a lot would find themselves waking from a hammock in an inn or finding some kind of housing here.

Kardwel had moved here like many others. And since he had been given a new body, there were all sorts of new things on his mind. First off, had been his conversation with the Naaru, A'dal. He had taken the words to heart and had done as the being had instructed him. It was now a matter of time of when he could start his "training" with this new-found energy and way of controlling himself. But before he truly left to begin his new life, he had on other matter on his mind. One he believed he could not focus fully on his "new self" with if it were to go unsaid.

He found himself standing at a small row of apartments and homes near one of the entrances to the sewers. His dull, green eyes were glancing over the numbers of the homes, hoping he could find the right one. He just hoped she wouldn't mind his appearance this late. As he spotted what he thought was the right apartment, the city bells suddenly tolled, telling him it was midnight. Well, if she didn't answer the door, he would simply have to return tomorrow.

The blond Sin'dorei approached the door feeling slightly nervous. Was he just making a fool of himself? He couldn't help but think that maybe he was. He felt his eyes instinctively roll, but this time at his own cowardice. He just had to get it out there and lay this situation on the table. He had a feeling she would take it for all it was worth. And, to be honest, he wasn't sure what that was. He paused for a moment, thinking he had heard something from inside the apartment. Was this the right one? He had tried to remember if this door was indeed the one she had walked into when he had come across her a few nights ago. She hadn't known he was there, he had just happened to be passing by when he had seen it.

He sighed inwardly, realizing he was wasting time. He brought his hand up to knock on the wooden door when he hesitated. Something...didn't feel right. He couldn't place a finger on what it was, but perhaps being a paladin for so long had given him a sort of sixth sense. He stood there, his hand slowly sliding over the door for much longer than he should've been. Finally deciding it was his head and the nervousness messing with him, Kardwel pulled his arm back in preparation to knock.

Only...he never got the chance...
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
The Characters from the Change


Melikar, still a warrior, is much more hardened after his time fighting the Scourge. He has a much more pessimistic view on life after seeing many of his friends, comrades and his Warchief die in battle or worse, become victims to the Scourge armies themselves. Many of his people of the Zandalar tribe fell to the new Scourge army and he carries a seething hatred for most Forsaken. However, he knows that not all of them are bad. Still, it plays a part in his decisions with them for he is wary of most. A large scar across his chest is a reminder of the Battle for Orgrimmar before it fell. He now spends most of his time cooped up ina corner of the Cavern, muttering about how there must be traitors behind every corner...


In the alternate time-line, Sentei (Kardwel's brother) revealed himself much earlier in life. Sentei was a servant to Kael'thas' armies as was Kardwel after he helped steal Mu'ru's power. Finally coming to his senses, Kardwel left Kael'thas' army to help better himself among his "sane" people in Silvermoon. After discovering the Argent Dawn, Kardwel felt he had a new purpose in life. However, since he was in Kael' army he stole more Sunwell water to help feed his addiction to magic. His body was never destroyed and he is just as addicted as he was before. After the Argent Dawn was more or less wiped out from the advancement of Arthas and his Death Knights, Kardwel will stop at nothing to stop them, or to kill his only brother.


After Kardwel left the army of Kael'thas, Sentei felt he was bound for better things. He now serves as a high warlock under command of the Cult of the Damned. He is not in the Caverns as he is out helping to command Scourge armies. He was turned to the Scourge by his father who is a Death Knight and the two often are sent on missions together. Currently, they are trying to find a way past a very annoying gate in the Caverns of Time...
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Karnma: With the scourge taking control outside of his original home in Silithus, Karnma stayed with the Twilight Hammer. Fearing the world outside of their protection instead of their warped ideals, he never ran away. The Cult finished their "shaping" of him and he has become a devout, cold, embodiment of the elements...well close to that, as the Scourge came and destroyed the Twilight Hammer presence in Sillitus before he could learn the last few secrets of his creation, and potential. He goes by the name Elem, the name the Hammer gave him, not Karnma, the name he made for himself in the normal time line.

After being torn across the sands of Silitus by the scourge army, he has pulled himself together, and walked amongst the land witnessing the destruction and plague spread in the Lich Kings wake. Many small skirmishes lead to the information of the plans to assault the Caverns of Time, and heads there now, to see why the undead are suddenly interested in some sealed old caves...
Oh, duh, forgot to mention that he dosent have the troll accent, as he spent those 2 years NOT running around with Westt slowly learning Orcish, but insted had some harsh language courses with the Twilight Hammer's Higher ups. Tongue
*all approved*

Sing True Ironsong!
Zaevian: In the alternate timeline he was fighting at a different point in the battle of the sunwell and never gained the attention of the cult of the damned, thus he was never turned and is still a mage-knight.

Tutelary: Because her brother was still around when the kidnappers came to grab her as a child they were killed by Zaevian and she grew up as a normal elf and eventually became a Paladin when Muruu was captured. As such she never met the orc blademaster, she doesn't have nearly as many scars (includeing the most noticeable one on her face), doesn't hold the orcish values so high, and doesn't have her monsterous strength, and never gained the nickname Tutelary and goes by her real last name Dorini'Diel instead of Lightblade. ((And yes I intend to pull her out for this event.))

Astianth: The young farstrider has become infactuated with Velandra ((Tutelary)) and urged her to leave silvermoon with him before the scourge arrived when they were on the warpath. So he left with her and Zaevian, who wouldn't let his sister go with so little protection, And now all three are Refugee's inside the Caverns of Time. ((Astianth is basicly the same a crazy engineer who likes explosives.))
Azsharra: In the alternate timeline Azsharra's parents got married and so her mother never left Silvermoon. She joined the Farstriders and is just as bitter and stuck up as the other elves. She refused to join Kael and the blood elves, instead following Vereesa and the Silver Covenant. After Stormwind fell to the scourge she and a couple other survivors made their way to the caverns of time. Though she despises the horde, she realizes the need to work together if they are going to survive.

Oranith: Since Azsharra's mother never left Silvermoon his father never married his mother so he was never born.
Ronx - Without the experiences of the Tribe, or much of anything else motivating him into any service in the Horde, Ronx remained a warrior for the Grimtotem. He has remained much sterner and colder and selfishly self-serving than he is now, having never learned a sense of honor or community or having ever learned to be a part of a real family. Ronx saw the fall of civilization around him and the prayers for safety fall on deaf ears, so he is now quite cynical. Also, he never cavorted with Goblins so he never became an engineer; and he has never been given a nickname, so he goes by his real name of Key'athe Earthmane.

Algernon - Without Ronx stepping into his life, Algernon had either been mauled by a plaguehound at some point or never climbed out of the lethargy he had when he first became free of the Lich King's influence. Either way, he perished quite a time ago.

Elior - Elior was a master priest and a gifted statesman. When he eventually became Scourged he was transported to Naxxramas early in the war, where he came under the notice for his gifts as a sorcerer and officer. He has since became a valued Scourge officer. He is possibly now a Lich presiding and running the day to day operations of his delegation with an iron fist.

Gretchen - Gretchen remained a rogue, goes by her proper name of Margaret, and *actually* speaks. With no pointings of the Tribe, she, like Ronx, grew a bit more detached (though much less so than Ronx). From there, she dedicated her life to her work. She retained her skills as a scout for the Scourge, and became a Deathstalker. She actually improved so much, that she was able to resist the call of the Lich King, and never fell back into the Scourge or ever became a Death Knight.
Kaisharra- In the alternte timeline, Kai's parents remained alive and continued to force their wishes and beliefs on their daughter. Kai became much more bitter and resentful over time. Her continued failure with magic and the arcane studies left her frustrated and depressed. When the scourge attacks begin her parents realize with her lack of skill she would be no help in the fight as a mage so she's given weapons, and told to fight however she can. Without the freedom of her life as a hunter she never gained the self-assured confidence and resoursefulness of the Kaisharra of Ironsong.

Valshar- Since he never became a death knight, Valshar would still be known by his birthname of Valen Darkthorn, and would be serving as a paladin. His parents are dead leaving him with only his beloved sister Shayalla to hold on to. He would be torn by his duty to defend everyone by his desire to protect his sister as he had sworn to do when their parents died. Given the turn of events from the real timeline where Valshar the deathknight had been forced to kill his sister while under the lich king's control, her being alive and well in the alternate timeline would create a tremendous mind bending torment should he by any chance remember the events of the alternate timeline when things are restored.
Kisokutsuchi: Instead of entering the Felwood during his travels, and his subsequent brush with the pain of the Earth, he was forced into it in order to evade the spread of the Scourge. Unable to leave, lest he risk detection by the Scourge, he was brought to the very edge of sanity by the agony of the Felwood, and at the very edge of despair, he found a dark strength in the pain of the spirits. Endless apologies to the Earthmother for his twisted power flowing from his lips, he uses this new strength to obliterate the Scourge wherever he may find them. Through the years of using these black energies, so has his mind and morality grown dark, never hesitating to use torture or murder. To him, the ends justify any means he may employ.

As the agony of Azeroth increases, so does Kisokutsuchi's dark power, and so does the line between him and the Scourge blur.

He does not care.
Krell: For those of you that remember Krell, he is dead. Having never found the friendship and companionship in Ironsong, his loneliness continued and he sunk deeper and deeper into despair. When the scourge forces rose up and began sweeping the land he saw this as his last chance for redemption and battled them fiercely. Alas, he fell valiantly in combat. His body was never recovered.

Shantow: As the scourge forces pushed forward, Shantow found himself constantly being pushed deeper into hiding in an effort to avoid death. This forced him to embrace his Cat and Bear forms, and he devolved into little more than a shapeshifting beast almost forgetting his original form. Shantow is little less than an animal now, and will be very wary of others. Treat him as you would a wild animal.

Armande: Does not exist, and will not be active in this RP, although you may see him online.

Krelldor: Is still a sneaky little rogue.
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
((Wow, I guess I should put up a page of Axel's history for you guys to reference exactly how this is different, huh? Heh, anyway, here goes...))

Axulia, ever since the fall of silvermoon, has constantly been fighting the scourge. With the seemingly constant victories of her sworn enemy, and without the times of rest between conflicts she had in the original timeline, she eventually, inevitably, snapped. In her many battles, she has accumulated a multitude of scars she hadn't in the original timeline, including two diagonally across the majority of her face. Her time spent within the Caverns of Time has thusfar been one of the longest 'lucid periods' she's experienced in months. Whether this is an effect of the mystical properties of the caverns themselves, or simply luck, is unknown.

Axulia, in RP, has never been a true 'paladin'; rather, in the original timeline, she's a mix of arms warrior and holy priest. In this timeline, she's closer to fury warrior/shadow priest, constantly wielding either two large maces, or a halberd. (She is also far stronger than in the original timeline. Like a tiny little Umu... *shivers*)
Eru'Adan joined his brother Aru at the Temple of the Enlightened, instead of going against him. Together the Twins proved their worth to the Lich King which in turn gave them a small army to command. They had led several small campaigns throughout Azeroth which helped to strengthen the Lich Kings rule over the land. They now hold a personal vendetta against an Orc and Tauren who defied them and almost killed them if it had not been for Eru's healing abilities.

Mokimi and Garudo were chased throughout Kalimdor by the Twins until they made it into the Caverns of Time where they found refuge. Despite being able to relax, they found that the company was not like with their friends and family whom the Twins killed some time ago. Ellanor, a Keeper of Time, and a number of other refugees were attempting to question a large tauren with bright blue eyes. Garudo, given his stubborness, did not enjoy a conversation with a specific individual and it was decided that he and Mokimi would take their chances outside the caverns.

They left the caverns where they would most certainly be chased again by Eru and Aru. Those that knew them are dead...those that saw them, would never know their fate.

((I am afraid that I am withdrawling from this RP event...I missed a great portion of it from the beginning and am somewhat oblivious as to what is happening. A great Idea and I hope those involved enjoy it as well. Dispaya has an extraordinary talent for creating creative and involving RP and I hope that many continue to enjoy such a thing...I know I will in the future.))
Thanks for your kind words Eru.
I have been posting updates so tribe can follow the story as I knew it was bound to become confusing to some. If any points need to be clarified let me know.

Despite the confusedness of the small details...the story is basically simple. There is an anomally in the timeline that has to be corrected and the tribe has to figure out how. It will not be a simple answer but will come about after a series of tasks as more and more information is gathered.

Thanks all :-)
Sing True Ironsong!

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