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((A Lore Question!))
(( I have a very interesting question for all you Lore hogs out there. Well not exactly sure if this is "Lore" Question. Is there any Information on Inter-racial relationships. IE. An Orc and an elf. Or maybe a Troll and a Human. Dwarf and taurn (o.O) (yea that is just silly) Just wondering if there are stories about this type of thing in WoW. And on a side note If there are such relationships Can they have offspring? ))

Good question.

Beyond orc/ogre half breeds I don't recall any other cross breeding.

I would think for there to be interbreeding there would have to be some pretty generous leaps in faith as to the genetic similarities of the races. In the real world, to my knowledge, there has not been inter-species breeding outside of a shared genus. The biggest limiting factor, besides silly things like the components of sex simply not knowing what to do with eachother (ie. Would a male elf's sperm even 'recognize' a human female's egg?), chromosomal pairing for cell division doesn't work if both sources don't have the same number of chromosomes. For example, the species we share the most common DNA with is the chimpanzee and while we vary genetically from them by just under 5% they have two extra pair of chromosomes- so even theoretically it would not be possible to cross-breed humans with the species most genetically similar to us.

But hey, this is lore- not science. With enough magic, I'm sure anything is possible.))
Garona, the assassin of King Llane of Stormwind, was half Orc, half Draenei. (This was before the Draenei became blue aliens from outer space, of course; they were just humans then.)

The various races haven't been in contact all that long, so there really aren't that many examples of interracial children (yet).
(( So there is a little bit of it happing out there. Thing is all the races are lumped together as Humanoid's ...

well the entire reason i ask is I have made a nice little Background for Mindiall and this story happened to have this type of relationship in it. I was just trying to figure out if this was actually a feasible way to move my story. As of right now I'll be going on with my story, and if it's just to far out there i will change it. but please post more I'd like to find out abit more about the subject. ))
((Well 'humanoid' refers to any creature with human characteristics (ie. upright, two legs, two arms, head, torso) which would include primates as well as undead, demons (mostly), and lots of things in WoW. Though, in WoW it's just used as a classification for spell/item effects.

On a side note, I really miss the Forsaken actually being undead instead of humanoid.

Stupid whiny warlocks and priests ruined that. I miss actually being afraid of paladins on my forsaken toons, added a great dynamic to the game.))
Psion Wrote:Garona, the assassin of King Llane of Stormwind, was half Orc, half Draenei. (This was before the Draenei became blue aliens from outer space, of course; they were just humans then.)
The original thing was that she was half-human/near-human until they officialized the little monster Dranei, probably for plot in WC3 and to attribute Garona's 1337 stealth skills to the permanent Shadowmeld abillity of the Dranei, which later became the "broken" Dranei.

They really didn't change the Draenor Humans to the Dranei until somewhere between the publishing of The Last Guardian, at the end of '01, and WC3X, in '03. The schizophrenic lore behind the Warcraft universe is a cruel mistress.

And to answer Mindiall's question, in WoW, outisde of the Mok'Nathal and Dranei-Orc hyrids, there are a few half-elves. Unofficially there are some other things and there are things that can exist unofficially in the personal RPG storylines, there was this really 1337 Tauren-Ogre guy I knew, and then there are some things in the tabletop RPG. Here's a decent source for what you're looking for.
Ronx Wrote:Here's a decent source for what you're looking for.

Excellent Just what i needed to see!!! ty kindly sir. I shall Go forward with my Story ASAP!
so far as that goes, i can think of two people who played an unofficial combination.....the lincredibly awesome Umu the half ogre-half tauren, and Skrap who plays Half goblin-half orc.
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According to the d20 material that was published (3.0 edition) human-orc and human-(high)elf hybrids are canon. They were not present in the 3.5 edition material, but I don't believe this is due to a retcon.

The orc-draenei have been discussed, and the Mok'nathal are rumored to have ogre blood, though some interpret this to mean they are half-orc-half-ogre. They may be.

I believe Rhonin, the human mage who is married to Sylvanas' sister (whose name escapes me at the moment) has half-elven children.
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