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A Long Strange Trip
She'd been away a long time as the hall came into sight intermittently between the mighty wing-beats of Chaka. ((Chaka is the name of her drake.)) She could almost see the large, heavy doors... make out the shape of the ports and windows. It'd be wonderful to be home again. As her mighty golden friend continued to beat her wings and soar ever closer to the tribe headquarters, Eonia wondered if the others would be angry at her for leaving so abruptly.

The the truth was, she'd known some would follow if they'd had any idea what she was doing. She just couldn't risk them. The trip she'd made had been so dangerous and while she knew the tribe could handle themselves, she'd known that she'd never forgive herself if her journey had killed one of them. They'd become her family. The only one she had really. Her real family had been slaughtered while they slept when she was but a child really. The hall had become her home even when she was away for as long as she had been this time. She knew they'd probably be angry with her but they'd forgive her. They just had to. She'd prayed to the light, the Earthmother, the gods of the Darkspear...any and every higher power she could think of as she traveled the long miles home. ((something Eonia never does because she sees it as a weakness to rely on the higher powers for what she was too cowardly to do herself. After all, the gods have far more important things to deal with than one lone Darkspear magus.))

As she got closer to the hall and the door and the windows became actual sights instead of just impressions in the great walls, she thought, "I have to tell them the whole story now. They deserve to know why I disappeared so suddenly."

With a grim expression she'd made her resolve. She'd stick to it and hope she was right about her family. Her tribe. Eonia prayed again to any gods that would listen that the tribe would understand when she told them she'd almost died and yet, she'd still been too proud to use her crystal to contact them. To tell them she was in trouble. Pride? No, it wasn't pride that'd kept her from signaling with the crystal and calling to them on the winds. They were safe from this threat. She'd known if she contacted them, they too could be in danger of death. She'd simply done what she had to do and now she'd deal with the consequences.

Chaka gave a soft roar telling Eonia that it was time to descend and go to her tribe. Patting the smooth golden scales of Chaka's neck, she said in barely a whisper that she'd known the great drake could hear, "Its okay friend. They'll understand why we went alone."

Chaka let out a choking snort of laughter in a deep gravely voice that still surprised Eonia each time she heard it. Chaka might be dragon kin and wise, but she was young and hadn't been speaking for long. "You really think they'll understand us going off half cocked? With no real plan of attack or no real knowledge of what we'd face? Eonia, they'll be furious."

Eonia tensed on Chaka's back and the drake realized she'd worried the troll a great deal. In a softer voice ((Or as soft as a drake voice can sound I suppose)) she said, "Well, they will be furious...But they'll forgive you Eonia. They'll understand why you did it even if they don't agree with you."

"Well, for better or worse, the deed is done. I still can't believe I spared the lives of those Alliance cretins who killed my family.

"Well of course you did Eo. Killing the children of the men and women who killed your family would have made you just as bad as they. What's important is that you saved lives. No. Don't look at me like that. Put aside your rivalries and your prejudices against the humans for a moment girl! The facts are, you knew you couldn't kill innocent men and women for a crime committed by their parents. ...And you and I both know that saving them from Deathwing's followers was the right thing to do." Shaking her head knowing that Eonia was about to protest she continued, "Enough Eo. You nearly died during that attack, but you didn't just save the lives of the Alliance people during those times, but probably a lot of the Horde as well. Deathwing and his followers... They didn't care who they hurt, only power. They crave it. ...The Ironsong Tribe will understand."

With a bit of resolve and some courage, Eonia dismounted and told Chaka to go rest. She'd been an invaluable help and an even better friend for these last months and certainly deserved a good long rest. Now it was time to focus on the absolute truth and hope the others weren't too mad at her. Hiking her ruck sack up on her shoulder she squared herself and headed into the hall to face her family.

((I just wanted to take a moment or three to explain where I've been and from where this story comes. I had an unexpected illness and ended up in the hospital for several months. Long story short, I developed an infection that nearly killed me. My husband tells me I flat-lined at one point but those crafty healers managed to pull me through it. I feel better now, actually, than I have in years so I'm back.

Unfortunately, that leaves a big hole in Eonia and Amatula's 'Lives' so I figured I'd best come up with a good story, or at least an explanatory bad story to cover that gap. What you've just read is that story. Please feel free to play this out with me if you like. If not, I'll finish it with some sort of, "And Eonia faced the music and told the tribe the whole story. Here's the story:" type thing.))
[Image: EoniaAttaboli.png]
((I never really know what to say when someone gives news like that, so I'm a
little nervous about responding, but here's my best effort. My heart really
goes out to you and your husband for going through all that, and I am glad to
know that you're still with us. As a husband myself I am sure he is very
grateful that you pulled through. They say whatever doesn't kill you makes
you stronger, I hope it is true in your case. I haven't known you long but
you seem like a great person and I hope to share many adventures with you and
Eonia in the future.))

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