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A Light Within the Tribe
I think it is time that I share a part of myself with you all.

Many of you have had an impact on the wars past, and have assisted great leaders in plans and strategies to fight our enemies, but not me. I have never fought in any wars, helped any leaders in stratigies or plans. I spent my time from a small elf learning the arts and philosophies of my Priesthood in a small temple. There I learned to manipulate holy energies, and not only that but shadow energies as well. I hold the power of life and death in my hands and I am constantly in a struggle with myself. I find all life precious, even in the most evil beings I must justify taking their life before I take such an act. Each time I venture out into Azeroth or through the Dark Portal into Outland I take lives out of a necessity to do good. Each night I spend hours praying for their forgiveness for what I had done to them. I am blessed, and plagued by my compassion and understanding of all that I interact with.

Writing this I feel nervous and frightened. The tribe has changed and I am unsure what to do. Everytime I see conflict within the tribe I feel a great sense of guilt that I could not have prevented it. There was a time when there was unquestionable honor and peace within the tribe and we were able to conquer any task that we set ourselves to. When one of our tribesmates lost their way we were all there for them to help them in any way we could. Focus, dedication, trust were all present in the tribe, but now I am afraid that these aspects only remain in a few members that have lived through that time. When I sense anger, I am angry, when I sense fear, I am afraid, when I sense uncertainty, I am uncertain. I am affected by each and every one of you just as each and every one of you are affected by your tribesmates. We must all work to better each other which will in tern better ourselves. As times change and we induct new members the tribe must adapt and attempt to keep what is true to the heart of Ironsong.

There is a chill coming from the north. Something is happening and I feel that if the tribe does not find itself then it will break apart and be conquered by our enemies. I implore you Ironsong to help each other. We understand that there are things happening to each and every one of you and that you may feel like your alone and need to be on your guard, but we are here for you. We want to help you and there is no need for anger towards your tribesmates, no need for distrust, no need for anger. Conflict within yourselves creates conflict within the tribe. Tell us what is happening and we may find a solution...together.

It is here that I share with you the title I had been bestowed upon completion my studies at my temple. Ironsong...

I am Eru'Adan The Enlightened, Priest of The Ironsong Tribe, Lord of Smites and I am here for each and every one of you.
Dispaya reads Eruadan's words with great interest.

"hmmm...it is good to see at least one of them understands. If only now I can reach the others...especially that Kardwel. I have a few plans for that fellow..."

Sing True Ironsong!

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