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A Journey Into the Blood Furnace
After much thought I have decided to write up a synopsis of the adventure that myself, a few other Rangers and Tribemates had within the fel halls of the Hellfire Citadel last night. Sound, Krell, Dokcha and Tetsumis joined me in the challenge of defeating the evil within this place, and with considerable thanks to skilled hunters, brave warlocks, and what must be a tree blessed by the Earthmother over and over and over again we succeeded.

Upon tearing through the walkways of the upper portions of Hellfire Citadel known as the Ramparts, we decided to press on. As soon as we entered the Blood Furnace we were met by the deep forboding voice of Magtheridon, and in the final room we even caught a glimpse of the monstrosity; intimidating is a meager word to describe him. In many numbers were more of the Fel Orcs that we had encountered earlier, but these were different; they were stronger, more cunning, and I must say put more than a few dents in my armor. Of particular note is that blessings of Shadow Protection by a priest are quite helpful in this place, and were sorely missed last night. You should also be wary of the very sneaky assassin sorts that enjoy poisoning you several times and punching your kidneys until you cannot see straight.

I also took note that there are these Fel Orc Technicians permeating this place. Their tenacity in battle is equally matched by their cunning use of bombs and dynamite. Be quite careful of their Proximity Mines which can do severe damage to those caught unawares. I asked that all of my companions keep their pets pulled back so that I was the only one dueling with these intelligent scoundrels, thus the injury from possible explosions was my burden to bear. The Nascent Fel Orcs that we encountered were also a foe to be reckoned with as they seemed totally given over to the demonic bloodlust that permeates their race. I must commend the Blue and Red Rangers for their highly adept use of Freezing Traps all throughout this demonic place.

Not long after first entering the Furnace, in fact just up some stairs and down a hall, we encountered a creature known as The Maker, who apparently has some kind of score to settle with Illidan for something, we didn't exactly have tea and cake to discuss it however. As soon as we began attacking the monster, oh by the by, he even puts dents in Buru's Skull Fragment, so I don't recommend you folk that suffice yourselves with a few layers of cloth trying to match arms with him in melee. Ah yes, back to the topic, our assault on him was an interesting fight to say the least. His powerful strikes were strong enough that occasionally he was able to take me from my hooves and fling me several heights into the air, whereupon he would then go after one of my compatriots. Thankfully I was able to taunt him back to me handily enough. That is until he unleashed some sort of attack into my mind, whereupon not only did he go from me to attack Tetsumis and the others, but I found myself swinging my sword down on Krell and Sound! It was a rather unpleasant experience, but everyone kept their cool and the mind control quickly faded whereupon I exacted my revenge upon this "Maker" and proceeded to crack his skull with my shield. Our spoils? Well, one item of interest is to be a surprise for another guild mate, the other was a rather interesting looking amulet that Dokcha clasped happily about her collar.

Through the halls we pressed and we came upon more Fel Orcs, Technicians, and shadow spellcasters. Ah, I should also mention, some of the orcs are also Summoners of their own pet demons. Be careful of their tricky tongues and their ability to summon aid to their side from the nether.

Soon after our fight with The Maker we came upon a room of actual imprisonment. Cells of more of these Fel Orcs and then a floating beast of a blob by the name of Broggok stood in our path. There was a lever near the center of the room that quite obviously released these creatures, and tho I was hesitant to pull it, we knew we had no choice if we were to see the Furnace to it's end. Thankfully the mechanism that opens the cells seemed to be on some sort of timed release system, because we never had to deal with more than one cell of combatants. The Fel Orcs were surprisingly easy thanks to Tetsumis ability to send them fleeing in abject fear, and Dokcha and Krell's handy trapping skills. Soon after releasing the prisoners we were left to deal with the bloated floating head. The only surprise from him was this rather noxious poison cloud that he would release occasionally, I was able to keep the creature moving so that I was not forced to stand within it, however it should be noted that the poison gas in the clouds not only is quite injuring, but it also increases in size as it dissipates into the air. It had some cloth bracer piece strapped to one of his tentacles that helped in the casing of spells supposedly, but honestly, after inhaling the gasses from this beasts arse, I was not interested in anything found on it's corpse.

We pressed on, encountering more orcs, and also several demons, much like these felguard creatures that I have seen our Warlocks toting around Orgimmar. The laughter and glee from Tetsumis as she banished and enslaved these creatures was almost as unsettling as fighting them,,, almost...

In the final hall of this entertainingly challenging place we found a group of 5 shadow casting orcs channeling some sort of banishment spell on another orc named Keli'dan the Breaker. I was actually a bit reluctant in this fight, as I had heard from another warrior that had faced him that the orcs binding him would cast this magical spell upon you that made shadow spells hurt considerably more, and then the Breaker himself would unleash spells of shadow at times, and then at other times would scream out and unleash a magical blast centered on himself. Thankfully he stood still whilst screaming, so if I moved quickly enough I could run and jump out of the blast before it went off. He too fell to our arrows, spells and blades however and ended up finding a bit of leather shoulder armor that our resident healing tree ended up snagging up, apparently for when she shifts into her feline form to claw people's eyes out.

After that I must say I was quite exhausted, and went to find a pillow to battle with. A short battle I assure you.

Travel safe my tribemates, and remember, should you find yourself heading into the Blood Furnace of Hellfire Citadel, the Rangers will be glad to help.
Excellent work all, sounds like a grand adventure was had!
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
Hello, Vardoth the rogue here! As Sir Kolen has just mentioned, the Blood Furnace is quite an interesting place filled with mutated monstrosities and dispicable fel orcs. As a rogue, however, I was able to lend my talents as a counter against the assassins hiding and was able to disarm the mines the engineers set upon the ground! So, if anyone wishes to assault the furnce, a rogue like myself is a good choice to have in one's party!

Not to mention there are always some treasure chests lying around to be unlocked...

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