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A Hunter's Challenge
The fiery natured hunter strode into the Tribe's Guild Hall and glanced around. Her pursed lips and furrowed brows made her mental struggle evident. She had fought hard to put much of her past behind her, though the scars would never truly fade. Joining the Tribe had been a difficult decision for her as it was, given her less than social tendancies. However, she had grown to respect and even almost trust many of the Tribemates around her.

Rathyra hated the thought of relying on others. But the challenge she was preparing to face was not one she could handle alone, no matter how skilled she might be. She was bold, but not foolish. She had learned the painful price of overconfidence many years ago. Rathyra knew the limits of her skills, and this challenge would require the aid of the Tribe as a whole.

Clearing her throat, she straightened up and stepped further into the room. Taking a deep breath, she addressed the gathered Tribe.

"I seek the aid of the Tribe today. There is a beast within the Molten Core that I have heard about, one that is a true challenge for any worthy hunter. I wish to seek out one of these Core Hounds as they are called, not to kill it, but to tame it. Any hunter can kill a beast, the challenge is to persuade the savage beast to become my companion and hunting partner."

She looked around the room, meeting each gaze in turn. "Who will travel with me into the Core, in search of this great beast?"

(( I'm looking to plan a run to get Rathyra and anyone else in the Tribe who needs it, attuned for MC, and get her into the Core to tame one of the core hounds there. I will be cross posting this between the Salty Sailor and Raiding Review. Please let me know if you'd be interested in helping. I was thinking we could do a lot RPwise with this, as Rathyra's past makes it very hard for her to accept that she needs help even when she does, so the step of her actually coming to the Tribe for aid in this is pretty big for her character wise. ))

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