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A Dusty Book.
((this is the story of Tutelary))

*laying near the toem next to practice swords, axes, and other various weapons lays a book with a Leather binding that has blood stains on the cover.*

*the pages seem to be written in orcish but without the normal orcish sloppyness when writeing*
I write this journal to remind myself what I have lost and what I fight for. When I was young I was kidnaped by a goblin slave lord named Baron Galvan while in his "service" I discovered my great stubborness for whitch constantly got me into trouble. I was constantly getting beaten by his enforcers for refuseing to do my job and even for attacking some of his guards life there was terrible and one day after I had nearly beaten one of his personal guards to death in front of him with nothing more than a serving tray the Baron decided I was no longer worth keeping around so he drew his sword and came at me. The first blow I almost dodged but he caught my cheek with the tip of the blade, which left the scar that is still visable today, I used the Serving tray as a shield to deflect his blows then I over came him with my strength and thrust his blade out of his hands. I used my serving tray to hit him over the head and rushed for the blade when I turned around he was bareing down on me so I lunged with the blade running it through his heart in an instant he was dead and I was sitting there shakeing at what I had done.

Moments later the door burst open from one side of the room and the Barons enforcers came through they saw me with his sword bloody and his dead body laying on the floor and moved to grab me so I dashed away through the door on the other side of the room still clutching the sword. They gave chase but I escaped with the help of some of the other slaves which I had mad friends with I ran from the house which none of us had ever been allowed to leave and realized that I was on an island I was traped. I almost lost hope then and there but then I saw to the west of the island land the coast to some plained area so I jumped into the water and swam to land.

Several hours past with me wandering those plains and I could hear the enforcers tracking me with their wolves I continued to run till I spoted a group of something I feared even more.....I saw the green skined orcs who I had been told helped the trolls almost destroy my homeland once I had never seen an orc myself but the storys I heard of them left me trembling in fear till I heard the shouts from behind me. I turned the enforcers had found me armed with just my stolen sword I knew I didn't stand a chance but I could not run anymore so I turned and faced them. They came in blades raised ready to cut me down in a second and I stood ready to kill as many of them as I could some might have called it bravery some might have called it stupidity but nontheless it is what saved me that day for when I went to strike at them I saw an arrow sprout from the closest ones head and he fell without a second step then a huge grey skined and haired orc sprang from the side weilding two axes and proceeded to slay the ogres and goblins with no energy wasted each hit did damage every blow maimed or killed he was a masterfull warrior. And then I remembered no more I passed out.

I awoke a night after a whole day since the battle with the enforcers I sprang awake and looked around there were trolls with their bows leveled at me I couldn't help but think it was funny that they would find me a threat after all I was barely of age to start any magical or ranger training. I looked at my arms that now had their wounds bandaged she then looked up to see the grey skined orc siting and stareing at me. "Whats your name?" he asked me. I was so taken aback by the fact that he could speak common perfectly that I forgot my name for a second. "Uh....Umm.....Vel-Velendra Bal'lastare." I said to him he pointed to the simpley cooked peice of boar meat and some water and told me that his name was Grazak Bloodblade and that he was an ex-blademaster of the Dragonmaw Clan. Over the next several hours he explained to me about the orcs and the new horde he also told me that I was currently in the barracks in a new land they had found named Kalimdor. I was shocked by the fact that I was now in the land ruled by the Kal'dorei that had sentanced my kind into exile so many years ago I asked how and why they had come to this place and he told me simpley. "The new Warchief Thrall was told that the lands of the east were soon to become very dangerous so he freed all the orcs he could find and stole some boats to bring us here that is after some nasty dealings with murlocs on a isle where we met our troll friends here" Pointing his head at the troll guards standing by the door. I requested that he teach me as much about useing a sword and to see if I could get some transportation back to the Eastern Kingdoms because if what he said was true then my home and family would be in danger.

((more to come.))
((Part 2))

Months had past of my training with the old Blademaster Grazak I had become quite proficient with Swords, Axes, Maces, and even the Spear. But there had as of yet been no way to get me back to the eastern kingdoms the horde had met up with a group of large shamanistic beings called the Tauren and were now moveing north towards a group of the alliance that they had found and ever closer to the Kal'dorei's domain. Though my skill had become quite remarkable I was growing nervous to being this close to the ones who exiled my people to begin with.

One day we were marching on to the one the Tauren called the Oracle when we came upon a alliance base with was barring the way to the Oracle the warcheif had no choice but to press through them so we prepared for battle. When the battle was joined I stuck with the blademaster who had taught me all I knew about combat I struck swiftly with my blade to protect the orcs and their allies untill I saw a elf leaping with a blade towards Grazak I moved in and blocked the strike with my shield but the weight of the elf bore me down to the ground. The elf seemed shocked that one of its own kind would be protecting a orc and I threw her off of me the battle continued untill the warchief emerged from the cave with Jaina Proudmore and they announced a treaty the horde and alliance would work together.

It was not long after that when I heard news from the alliance of what had been happening back across the sea the plague of undeath was spreading through the human kingdome that was next to Quel'thalas and their prince had fallen into madness. I had to return as soon as possible but the scourge had already arived here along with the demons who first set foot on this world so many thousands of years ago even bieng as young as I was I knew that they had to be stoped or they would call their dark master Sargeras into this world and he had to be stoped. So I continued to march with the Horde to the edge of the forests of the Kal'dorei there we found the warchief old friend Grom Hellscream and his warsong orcs had secumbed to the powers of the legion. The battle was bloody it seemed as if no matter how many of the infernals came and were destroyed that they just continued comeing the base was littered with the wounded and piles a flameing debris by the time Thrall returned haveing captured his friend inside the soulgem and so there was a several hours long process to purge the demonic bloodlust from the leader of the warsong clan.

After the Blademaster of the Warsong clan was in his own mind again we waited as he and Thrall went to destroy the cause of the orcish blood lust forever only Thrall came back alive. Despite their loss the horde had to move on into the forests there we were attacked by the Kal'dorei several times their Priestess seemed to want nothing more than to utterly destroy us. But we prevailed and when the druids were awakened they decided that they must work with the horde and alliance in order to defeat the Scourge and Legion. We marched to the world tree on Mount Hyjal the holy mountain of the Kal'dorei and set up defensive bases and awaited the scourge.

Their numbers were endless every Orc, Tauren, Human, or elf that fell was risen again as one of their number it seemed impossible the demon Archimonde pushed forward with relentless attacks all we could do is delay as the druids prepared something to end this battle but we knew not what it was. I sprang to the defence of those I once found my enemys at several points it was strange but no matter what we got pushed back they first destroyed Jaina's encampment, then proceeded to destroy the orcs base and then as the demon pushed through the elves base and reached the world tree the eradar atempted to tap into the power of the world tree but the spirits of the forest proceeded to destroy the demon and in the process destroyed the world tree. Our forces were beaten but we had stoped the Legion.

((more to come))
((part 3))

The months went by as the horde and alliance set up new homes in Kalimdor and The Archmage Jaina had arranged for a ship to take me to the human town of Southshore. The boat ride took many days because of murloc attacks but in the quite times I thought of my home in spring and of my favorite times playing with my older brother. But I knew that things would never be the same I heard that the sunwell was destroyed and the undead had taken over Quel'thalas and I hoped beyond hope that my family's vineyard was far enough out of the way to not have been attacked.

When I arrived at southshore I looked for a horse to purchase but no one would sell me one for the way to Quel'thalas was now over run by the undead. I cared little for their warnings and set off for home anyways it took me several weeks of battleing and finding safe places to sleep before I arrived at the pass to Eversong Forest I quickened my pace and I was almost home when I ran into one of the feared death knights I had heard of, He was a tall human wielding a great runeblade atop a Undead Horse. When he spoted me I knew I didn't have much time I withdrew my sword and shield as the ghouls bore down unto me I fought fiercely but I could not kill them all for each time I killed one it seemed two took its place. After about a hour of fighting they finally overwhelmed me and brought me to their master.

But it seems that luck was on my side for when the Deathknight Raised his blade to kill me and no doubt raise me again as a undead servant he was struck by an arrow. The arrow had bore him off his horse and to the ground then several more came and killed the ghouls that were holding me I looked to the left and through the forest I saw the rangers of Quel'thalas comeing to aid me.
At this sight I ran and grabed my sword and sheild from where I had droped them and started to fight once more the knights horse went to crush me under its hooves but I ducked and shoved my blade through its skull bringing it to the ground. I heard a shout from one of the rangers and turned to see the Knight had gotten back onto his feet and was doing a horizontal strike at my head. I ducked under his blade with it barely a inch over my head and then used my shield to hit him in the head knocking him unconcious. After the battle had subsided I helped the rangers bind and carry the death knight to their base where they intended to interrogate him. Since he was still unconcious I decided to go to my home to see if my family was alright the rangers had told me that most of the villages had been burned but I had to see for myself.

It took me only a few minutes to reach the vineyard by borrowing a hawkstrider. When I arrived at my home I saw the trees cut down the vineyard and my home burned. When I noticed that the barn was untouched by the flames I entered it to find my parents bodys on a makeshift table with runes etched into it and various poisons and magical supplies nearby. I examined their bodys it seemed as if they had been eaten from the inside out by some creature before they died I grabed the Family Medalion from my fathers neck before I heard a noise behind me.

I pulled out my sword as I turned and saw before me a wizard wearing a skull with horns on his head and held a wicked looking staff in his hand beside him there were two serpents of which I had never seen before. The serpents were the color of blood and reeked with the stench of death, the wizard noded to the medalion in my hand and said "I am Brezzian of the Damned and who might you be young elf?". Anger seethed through my mind and I answered to him "I am their Daughter, but you may simply call me Death!!!" and with that I leaped at him with my blade but he put forth his staff and a pile of bones sprang from the corner to block my blow. He laughed at me then said "Good you are full of life I needed a live one to test my new creations." and noded at the two snakes then yelled "Plague Serpents devour her!!!" and with that they coiled and sprang at me. I leaped to the side barely missing ones fangs and rolled into a table that held several different small blades which fell all around me and one that found a way through my armor into my shoulder. When the serpents came rushing at me again I yanked the small blade out with a grimace and shoved it through the skull of one as it was about to strike. But the other one coiled around me constricting my movement and prepareing to strikeso I pushed to me feet and ran into the wall to stun the serpent enough for me to wiggle free and cleave it in half with my sword. The wizards smile faded "Well it seems this experimant was a failure but at least I have a new subject to start from scratch with...". I glared at him and said "You will get no chance!" and grabed a vial of volatile liquid and threw it at him. The vial broke and exploded into a gas cloud that blinded him to my rush I breathed in a lungfull of air as to not breath whatever that cloud was made of and pushed forward with my blade skewering him through as I rushed outside.

((more to come.))
((Part 4))

I awoke outside an hour later aparently the liquid I threw at him was a mixture designed to weaken the body and mind, and it seemed as if I had caught some of it in my breath before my charge. The Necromancer Brezzian was laying next to me coughing blood as he held his wound and with his final breath he looked at me and said in a mocking tone "Death is only the begining." . I returned to the barn and collected my parents bodys and spent the next several hours building a funeral pyre for them, As I set their bodys ablaze I took one last look of my childhood home and then mounted my borrowed hawkstrider and rode back to the Rangers base. When I arrived back at the base I found that they had killed the deathknight since he had proved to be problematic but they had theorised that the scourge troops led by this deathknight would have a weaker link to their master for the time being and now was the time to attack. It took them a day to gather all the forces and then we marched on silvermoon the battle was feirce but in the end we had reclaimed half of the city. I asked around about my brother but the last time any of the surviveing guards knew he was posted at the sunwell, at hearing that I knew that there was no place left here for me.

I traveled back to Kalimdor and arrived at the new home of the orcs that their warcheif had named durotar. I found my way to Blademaster Grazak's bunker and told him of what had happend when I went home and requested to stay here with his forces, which now the Warchief had deemed an Elite regement named the Warchief's Elite. He agreed to let me stay and over the years I grew in rank for my skill with stratagy and heroic efforts to save those both under my command and neutral in a conflict. When I heard news of my people petitioning to join the horde I pleaded with Grazak to put in a word to thrall.

Soon after my people joined the horde I learned that they had started to train their own "Blood Knights" by takeing the light that had abandoned us so long ago. I took leave of the forces of the Warchief's Elite, of which I was now the second in command under my old mentor Grazak, to go and learn the ways of a Blood Knight. Many of the other trainee's were scared of me during my training as a Blood Knight not only cause of my somewhat gruff apearance and attitude but also for my amazeing skill at manipulateing the Naruu's power. I quickly grew in power until I had become a full Blood Knight at which point I returned to my command in the Warchief's Elite.

I was veiwed with awe by many when they first saw my new powers and many of my regiment started to call me "The Tutelary" ,which is as i'm told by one of our scholars means a Guardian with special powers. I now fight for the horde and revenge for my family.

*As you look up you see a paticular scared elf looking very angry aproach and snatch the book from you hands.*

"Please leave my personal belongings alone."

*The elf turns and leaves.*

((Well thats Tutelary's Story Sorry it was so long I had a basic Idea of what I wanted it to be and then as I fleashed it out a bit more it just tened to get rather long. So tell me if you like it and if you noticed anywhere I misspelled something or typo's so I can go back and fix them ^.^))

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