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A Darker Path
A troop of blood elves trudged through a deep field of snow. They where cold and hungry, but their leader didn't even seem to notice. They couldn't waste anymore time, they had to reach the pass by noon, and they were already running late. Suddenly one of the troops cried out, pointing ahead at a huge abomination blocking the path. The creature was not alone, a small group of ghouls backing it up. The leader of the elves just laughed. She ordered the few actual warriors in her group to stand aside, and instead summoned two other women to the front alongside her. One was an monstrous serpentine creature, the other a young elf with wild white hair. They each looked at each other and nodded then began to chant in the ancient kaldorei tounge. A loud cracking noise sounded from the surrounding cliffs, and the blood elf troops began to panic, but the three women remained unmoving. All of a sudden the cliffs around the undead collapsed, burying them under many feet of snow. The leader of the troops smiled to herself, her feline eyes glowing with excitement.......

Kure'ei bolted up in her bed panting and drenched in sweat. "It was a dream, only a dream. Oh thank the gods." she said to herself. There was a knock on her door. "Come in!" she shouted. The door opened a little, and an undead face poked in. "Is everything alright milady? We heard you talking in your sleep, a bunch of gibberish if you ask me."
Kure'ei sighed. This was the second time this week she had this dream, but even more unusual was the fact that she remembered it. "Everything is fine Khadran, go back to sleep."
"Very well milady," and with that the forsaken shut the door and walked away, his footsteps sounding through the stony hall of Undercity.
"How could I have made such a fool of myself?" thought Kure'ei as she ran from Ravenholdt manor. "Of course I would be the only one to spill my drink on my dress. Everyone else was so neat and careful. I can't even figure out how I did it. The drink was on the table the whole time." Kure'ei had reached the river by now and began to slow down. As she walked along the riverbank, she began to form an idea. She started tracing circles in the air with her right index finger. After a few moments the water in the river began to swirl around, following the movement of her finger. Kure'ei gasped. "So it was me that did that. This, this is amazing! I can't believe it!" Suddenly something clicked in her mind. "Of course I can do that. I was the leader of those troops from my dream. I wonder what happened to make me forget. Of course the tribe must not know about it. Gods know what they would do if they found out."

Meanwhile, in an unmarked grave near Kul Tiras, the corpse of a long dead human turned over in his grave. His only thought was of his bride. Eternally youthful, eternally beautiful. His one true love, taken from him forever by death. "Not necessarily my child. You can still have her back, by swearing alligence to the Lich King. Then will you see your wife again." said a cold voice in his head, his only companion for almost a hundred years.
Kure'ei stood on one of the small islands scattered about the Zoram Strand. Over the last few days she had been practicing her newly re-discovered magic,and it was finally time to put it to the test. She closed her eyes and began chanting in ancient Darnassian mixed with Nazja. She let the magic she was channeling take control, losing herself in the power coursing through her. Lightning flew from her fingertips, the sea spun wildly around the island, rain pounded against her face. She was in ecstasy, no longer Kure'ei the paladin with amnesia but just Kure'ei. All of that went away when she opened her eyes. Her simple test of power had become a devastating storm, heading strait for Zoram'gar Outpost. Try as she might she could not stop the storm she had created, nor could she reach the outpost before the storm hit. All she could do was stay there on the island and hope the people there made it out safely.
Kure'ei sat beneath a tree in Hillsbrad, a frown spread across her face. She had barely slept last night and she was not in the mood to be disturbed. When she had slept it was a very strange dream unlike anything she had experienced since she had awoken in Shattroth. It was not a memory but a true dream like normal people have.

"It's not fair." she thought to herself. "He is the most foul creature to ever walk the face Azeroth. I have no desire to dream of him."

And yet she couldn't get him out of her mind. Every time she closed her eyes all she saw was him. She could be walking down the road and he would walk unbidden into her thoughts. In everything she did she thought of him, and that scared her. He was a foul, mean man and yet she cared about him more than anything else in the world. More than her own life.

"This isn't right, you're better than this. You can't let him get to you. You have to be strong. He cares for no one so why should you care about him? There is absolutely nothing attractive about him."

And yet she did care. For some strange reason she cared about him. After all he had said and all he had done she cared about him. For some inconceivable reason she, Kure'ei, was in love with Kardwel.
Kure'ei stepped from the boat onto the cold, wet dock of Boralus, the capital of Kul Tiras. She pulled her hood down lower to hide her eyes as she walked past the guards. It was a cold day, the wind chilling everyone to the bone so the guards hardly noticed. After she left the docks, she sped quickly down the street, darting down an empty alley, and ran toward the abandoned farming district. Earlier that week she had received a strange letter in the mail. At first she paid it no mind but last night she had decided she would check it out. It had said to meet someone at an abandoned farm in Kul Tiras and all her questions about her past would be answered.

"Yeah right," she thought to herself, "If the naaru didn't know anything what makes this guy so different?" As she wandered down the muddy dirt path that led to a particularly run downed farmhouse, a strange feeling came over her. "I know this place. I don't know how or why but I know it."

Her pace quickened as she approached the home. When she reached the threshold she stopped in her tracks. "What am I doing? This probably isn't even the right house. And besides, I've never been here in my life there's no way I could know this place."

"Don't be so sure," said a voice behind her.

Kure'ei spun around only to find herself face to face with a most unusual man. He was elven in stature but with dead grey skin, flowing white hair, large claw-like hands, and burning yellow eyes. "Who, what are you?" breathed Kure'ei.

The man laughed. "I am Prince Navarius of the San'layn. Like you I was once an elf, and like you I pursue a higher path... to power."

"And what would you know of me, prince?" Kure'ei spat out the last word like it was poison.

"Everything. I know how you dream of a glorious past now forgotten. I know how you hide powers many of us could only dream of. And I know how you hunger for more. My master has seen this too. In fact, it was he who sent me."

"And who is this master you speak of? Anyone I know?"

"As a matter of fact, you do. He is name is King Arthas, and he has been watching you for quite some time now milady. He knows your burning desire for something more than the blood knights can offer, and he has sent me here to offer you everything that has been denied to you thus far. What do you say...... Azshara?"

Kureei's eyes widened. She knew that name. She heard it spoken in her dreams sometimes, but she never thought it belonged to her. Could the naaru know more than they were letting on? And if they did, who else know that had never told her? Finally after several moments she spoke, "Tell your master I am willing to serve."
Kure'ei guided a cart down a muddy side road of Ashenvale. A horrid stench came from the contents of several large crates on the back of the cart. Kure'ei didn't seem to mind. She was too busy thinking about her the agreement she made the night before.

"After everything I went through to get these he better show up," she thought bitterly. She could hardly believe she was actually going through with this. Working for the Lich King was a dangerous thing in itself, but working for him while remaining part of the Horde was another thing altogether. If anyone ever found out....

"You're late Deathrose. You better have a good reason for this," said Prince Navarius as he stepped out from the shadow of an ancient tree.

Kure'ei winced. She still hadn't grown used to that name. "I think you'll understand after you see what i have brought you my prince." Deathrose stepped onto the back of the cart and smashed open the side of the crate. The stench that came out was unbearable. Inside was the bodies of four humans, a dwarf, three gnomes, and two trolls, some freshly slain and others long dead. Two more crates like it sat untouched behind her.

The darkfallen laughed. "My my my you have been busy haven't you? Just the sort of thing I like to see. Of course, this was merely a test to see if you would do as we asked. Apparently you will."

"That doesn't mean I enjoy it undead worm. Now you are going to hold up your end of the bargain and tell me what I want to know. Now, why did that house in Kul Tiras looked so familiar to me?"

"That is simple my dear, that was your husband's house. After you left it simply fell to neglect."

"My, my husband?"

"Yes your husband but he is a story for another time. There I answered your question. Now, we have another task for you. It has come to our master's attention that you are in league with an.... old associate of his. He simply requires that you keep tabs on her for him. You need not harm her or anything like that, just keep us up to date on what she is doing."

"Does this associate have a name?" asked Deathrose.

"While she was with us she was called the White Lady, but I believe she goes by the name of Dispaya now."

"You want me to spy on Dispaya?" gasped Deathrose looking horrified.

"To put it bluntly yes. But there is nothing to worry about. Like I said, you don't have to harm her in any way. And if your thinking of saying no just remember, you may be powerful, with your naga magic and such, but the scourge is stronger. There won't be a safe place left for you if you turn us down. Do we understand each other?"

Deathrose sighed. This was becoming more and more complicated with every passing moment. "Yes, I understand. I will obey."
Kure'ei shivered as she stood on the cliff overlooking Angrathar the Wrath Gate. She had arrived in Northrend just days earlier. The trip to the Dragonblight had been a short one as neither the scourge nor their allies had stood in her way. In fact, they had seemed to clear the path for her.

"Perhaps there are advantages to working with the scourge," she thought to herself. "They did get me here didn't they?"

As a matter of fact the scourge was the reason she was there. Prince Navarius had given her the papers to be transferred to this particular outpost. He said that Dispaya would eventually come to this place and that she was to wait here for her arrival. She would get further orders then. If she accomplished that task she would receive the ultimate reward, or so she had been told.

Kure'ei grasped the black stone that hung about her neck. It was a gift from Price Navarius. He said it would keep her safe from the undead and their plagues. They needed her alive, at least for now. Something would happen soon that would determine her allegiance once and for all. For some reason she had a horrible sense of dread.
((how intriguing!))
Sing True Ironsong!
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Kureei stumbled across the barren, snow-covered plain of the Dragonblight. She was thin and tired looking. She clung to the ragged remains of her cloak in a useless attempt to stay warm. She could only think of how she had gotten here. Navarius had come to her a few days earlier with his final task. She was to kill Dispaya or else substitute her own life. At first she had agreed but soon began to have second thoughts. After the last moot she mounted her horse and fled into the frozen north. Three days later her food supply was dwindling and her horse had frozen to death.

Kureei tripped on a rock and let out a small shriek that echoed around the canyon. She immediately looked to the sky searching for even the smallest sigh of an approaching frost wyrm. Nothing. She breathed a sigh of relief. As she sat on the freshly fallen snow, she should have looked behind her. Not far behind stood the sinister figure of a death knight. He looked to be about twenty-ish in age. He may have once been handsome but that was a long time ago. Greasy hair fell in clumps about his shoulders. Maggots fed on what was left of his face. A cold blue light eminated from his otherwise empty eye sockets. Skeletal fingers grasped the cold hilt of his runeblade. As he stared out across the ice at the elf woman, he glimmer of recognition crossed his face. He shrugged it away as he stepped noiselessly over the snow towards her.

"Hello Azshara," a cold voice made Kureei jump. She spun around to find herself face-to-face with this nightmarish creature.

"How do you know me?" she asked, her voice barley a whisper.

"That is not important. You must come with me now milady, my master is not a patient man."

"I'll do such thing. Not until you tell me who you are and how you know my name."

The undead sighed. He would have to do this the hard way. He drew his runeblade. "You have betrayed my master. Now either come with me and complete you mission or die now."

"I'll never harm Dispaya."

"Then you must die,"
the death knight swung his blade. Kureei dove out of the way just in time.

She knew there was no way should could survive this fight. She was tired and hungry and he had the power of undeath behind him. She leaped at him, knocking the sword from his hand as they fell to the ground. Kureei punched his face, crying out in pain as her fist met bone.

The death knight seized his chance and tossed her off of him. He sprang up and went to gather his runeblade. As he ran past Kureei muttered a blessing and blasted him with holy light. He then turned and kicked her face, knocking her back several feet.

Kureei felt blood flowing from her nose. She wiped it away and drew her own blade as her opponent lifted his own from the ground. They ran at each other, blades meeting in the space between.

Her strength failing, Kureei whispered a prayer as she consecrated the ground around her feet. The death knight howled in pain as the very earth burned around him, yet still he fought on. His dark voice rang about the canyon as he cast his own dark spells. Kureei cried out as his death coil spell found it's mark. She lost her footing and fell down on the ice.

The death knight advanced upon her as she lay helpless on the ground. He kicked her face with an armored boot. Again and again her kicked her until her face and body was bloody and bruised.

She looked up at him, green eyes blazing with fury. He glared back with the same anger and hate. "Navarius would have me kill you here now, but that is a fate too kind for you. No.... you will suffer for all the pain you have caused me," he looked around as if he had heard something, "What!? How could she not remember?" he looked down at Kureei with a look of bewilderment and anger, "If you say so father," he said to his invisible companion.

"My father claims you have lost your memory, so allow me to enlighten you. I was your husband many years ago, until I was killed by my brother. I was buried out in our field. Some how though my body died, my spirit lived on. For years I lay out there, and not a day went by that I did not think of you. I would have stayed there to, had my father's spirit not persuaded me to join with the Lich King and leave my grave. The first thing I did was search for you. And when I finally did I found you swapping spit with some elven scum. You broke my heart that day. Now allow me to return the favor......"

((So that's the story. It won't happen for a while so it has no importance until then. I just wanted to get it out there while i was thinking about it. thanks to Dispaya for the help :banana: ))
OOC: the events above have happened after the last moot. As of now kureei is being tortured in northrend by her former husband. just thought i'd get it out there. Thanks very much for reading Big Grin Smile Tongue :biggrin: :wink:
((*applause* great stuff!))

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