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A Dark Coven
In the dead of night, three women hurried to a long forgotten cave in the mountains bordering the Hinterlands. Their once beautiful features destroyed by death. As they approach the cave, a voice calls from within, "Who disturbes my lair at this hour?"

"It is us, mistress, your humble servants bearing news of your sister."

"What about her? have you done as I asked?"

"Yes, milady," replied one of the women, "We gave her the tonic just as you asked. A few more doses of it and that bothersome child will be no more."

"Excellent. Everything is going according to plan. I thank you, ladies. I could not have done this without you."

"In that case, perhaps we should discuses our reward," said another woman, "I doubt our absence will go unnoticed by lady Sylvanas."

"You will receive your reward when your job is finished," said the lich, having emerged from her cavern lair.

"Very well," said the last woman, "We shall return when our job is done. Come on girls," with that the forsaken turned to leave.

"Wait just a moment," said the lich, "here is a gold piece. A good will gesture." The lich tosses the forsaken a small gold coin.

The first two women dive for the coin, clawing at each other to get the coin. The other one just sighs and keeps on walking.
Bye bye everyone. Thanks for the time in Ironsong =) Sorry I was so horrible =(

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