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A Call to Craftsmen and Gatherers
As we continue our raids in Northrend, certain plans and patterns for armor and enchanting clothing has made it's way into the hands of our most skilled craftsmen. It would behoove the tribe and the Horde if these artisans were to ply their trade to the benefit of our newer members who have the courage and skill to join us in Icecrown, but lack the equipment.

If there are any craftsmen that can make items for our newer tribesmates, please let yourself be known to them. And if there are gatherers that have materials to make these patterns, please also place your mark here.

Right now I know of one guild member who is in need of new armaments:

Venera - Protection Paladin
Quennin - Feral Druid

If there are any blacksmiths that can make epics that would suit her, please contact her through mail or catch her at the guild hall and make yourself known. The Tribe and the Horde will thank you.

May the Winds guide you.
((Eru'Adan is a [item]Moonshroud[/item] tailor and rarely uses his cooldowns for the specialty cloth's unless hes short on gold for repair bills. He has also been the recipient of a couple significant recipes for items such as [item]Cord of the White Dawn[/item], [item]Merlins Robe[/item], and recently the [item]Royal Moonshroud Robe[/item]. Those are the items that would give a significant boost to someone who is ready to prepare for Icecrown.

Garudo is a Blacksmith but sadly does not possess any significant recipes. However, he is a Miner and can assist in any way he can with regards to gathering materials, and the Titansteel cooldown that he also rarely uses.

Mokimi is a skinner and herbalist and can help with gathering materials for whatever purpose.

Please do not be afraid to ask, I am always willing to help others the best I can.))
Another guild member that could use crafted gear is Quennin, feral druid.
Sbin can make some recipes. Other leatherworkers are Fabulus, Anca, and Sreng. Have him contact me in game.

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
I figured I might as well respond here since I was mentioned. *grin*

As of right now, I'm in particular need of Saronite Swordbreakers aka iLev 245 tank bracers. (sorry, don't know how to do the link stuff, but the name should be right) I have enough emblems to procure the 4 crusader orbs necessary to make it right away, but lack the other materials.

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