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6-16 and 6-17 raid stats
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.lossendil.com/wws/?report=nfo5z3tzj2vy3">http://www.lossendil.com/wws/?report=nfo5z3tzj2vy3</a><!-- m -->

Already posted elsewhere, but I was looking through the stats to try to figure out what happened with Nightbane. His third landing is about here in the combat log. He hits Serous (and uses a shield block charge), I realize a dragon has just landed on me and turn to run, we both get cleaved (probably using up the second shield block charge), then a couple seconds later Serous sucks up a crushing blow and goes down because shield block is no longer up and the healers were still helping with the skellies.
From that point, Dannae, Gholjan and Zeengo gain aggro and die in quick succession before Eatmore has a chance to pick it up. With only 1 healer up, the rest is inevitable.

Also noticed that Dokcha took 6 hateful bolts on the Curator, guess I need to work on keeping Damoxian topped off on health.

And as a side note, the damage/healing meters aren't all that accurate, and are more an indication of how things are going than lists of "who is better than whom". For instance, there was one fight the other day where the tank was tied for the second best healer on the curator fight. Prayer of mending, lifebloom final hits, imp. Leader of the Pack and earth shield charges all conspired to give him a ton of healing. The overall charts aren't that useful, you need to look further down at what individual abilities are doing or the timeline to get real useful data.
Hateful bolts have a tendancy to go somewhat astray after evocates as I'm trying to kill the remaning little guy and then my dps gets focused on playing catch up with new spawns. I'm thinking about wearing lighter arcane resist gear to try and crush those things that much faster.
And from 6-17, the rest of the instance is here
And for those wondering how to create these logs, its a two step process, but it can be mostly automated. In essence, you just need to type /combatlog to start the wow combat log, and then you can use a web-based java program to parse it and upload it to their server. It looks moderately complicated to set up, but its easy once once you get used to it.

If you don't really feel like typing /combatlog at the start and end of every raid, you can use this mod to automate the process of turning the log on and off when you zone into and out of different places. A bit clunky to start with (since you actually have to be in the zone you want), but once done, its automated and you can forget about it. However, it is best to delete or move the logs once you process them, since it just keeps adding to the old file and eventually this can get quite large and unwieldy. Also note that its char specific settings, need to set it up for your alts if you end up taking them on a raid.

The second step is to go to <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.lossendil.com">http://www.lossendil.com</a><!-- m -->, click on the "start WWS client" button in the top left corner, and this should start up the Java GUI.

If you just want to post your own results, here's what to do:
In the "Logs and Report" tab, "add report", and type in your char name when it asks.
In the "Actors" tab, click auto-update, and scroll through the list real quick to make sure there aren't obvious errors.
In the configuration tab, you need to enter your login name and password, you get this by signing up to the lossendil forums as normal, then using your forum login. Also make sure your guild and realm are correct.
Finally, go back to the "Logs and Report" tab, and click "host report" to post it on the web, you'll be given a web address to use. You can also just "view report", but you don't get as many options that way, just a basic web page with the charts, none of the more detailed info and none of it visible to anyone else.

The other options on the configuration and log roller tabs are used to automatically send logs to the raid leader (or some other volunteer) who then will process all the logs together. It probably isn't necessary for 10 mans, but I'm suspicious of the 25 man raid stats I posted, so might be required to get good stats there. I think a lot of people were out of range.

First Time Setup
1. Go to the log roll page
2. Select send log by mail
3. Select auto roll on startup
4. Go to the configuration page
5. Enter in your guild name, your char name, and double check the WoW log directory
6. (I will assume you use gmail now) Enter in your gmail address
7. Put smtp.gmail.com in the SMTP server field use port 465
8. Select the Auth box
9. Put in your gmail address and password
10. Put your raid leader in the send to field

Raid Members
At the end of the raid you launch <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.lossendil.fr/wws/wws.jnlp">http://www.lossendil.fr/wws/wws.jnlp</a><!-- m -->
It will auto zip and mail the log to the raid leader
You are done

Raid Leaders
Follow the same steps as the raid members (yes this means you will mail a report to yourself, easier this way)
After you get all of the logs mailed to you load them all into WWS as in the "Logs and Report" page.
Update the actors and host the report as above.
Post the link.

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