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5.4 = Flex Raiding
Come patch 5.4, Blizzard has introduced a new kind of raid.

The Flex Raid.

This is a raid setting that is between LFR and Normal difficulties. The item level will be higher than LFR but lower than Normal. It will share a different lockout than LFR and 10-man.

But what is Flex raiding?

It is a raid that is designed to accommodate varying numbers of raid members. Have enough people for a 10-man but not enough for 25? Have only two or three extra people you'd love to bring to raid but can't because you can only have 10? Did you accidentally screw up on invites and invite an extra person?

Flex raiding is for you. You need at least ten people, but the bosses health and damage changes depending on how many people you bring. So we can now have a 12-man raid or a 16-man raid. 25-man will still be the cap. It will also allow you to invite friends cross-realm through Battle tags.

I know there has been interest in this type of thing for some time. As I am no longer in the raid, I know my opinion doesn't matter as much. But would this be something Ironsong will utilize more often than the standard 10-man?

Just thought I'd make a post and share. You can find more about Flex raiding on MMO-champion!
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Personally, I think Flex Raiding will be a perfect thing for The Ironsong Tribe to take advantage of. We can even consider replacing our currect LFR run with the Flex raid and still maintain our normal 10-man run as they do not appear to share lockouts. As long as we can get more than 10 folks to show up for the "LFR" night we can simply run it as a flex.
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
Hi all,

I am also excited by the news of flex raiding.

I think the most likely path is that we run a flex raid on Tuesdays instead of LFR. We'll need to see how the flex raid's difficulty is tuned.


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