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5.2 live this week!
Mok'ra, Tribe!

It looks like 5.2 will be going live this week!

Here are the patch notes!

There will be...
* New world bosses
* A new Raid, called Throne of Thunder! We'll be jumping into the LFR version as soon as it opens -- probably next week!
* Two new factions: Sunreaver Onslaught, with reputation from dailies, and Shado-Pan Assault with reputation from any raid. The new gear can be bought with Valor Points.
* New daily area, called Isle of Thunder, with dailies and solo storytelling questlines (like Dominance Offensive)
* New Legendary quest content
* A legendary questline for warlocks
* New scenario, called Troves of the Thunder King
* New rare spawns along the coastline, with a new quest- and mob-share mechanic which lets you join in if someone else is already killing it, and get credit and loot.
* New battle pets! There are ten new special elite battle pets, with pet rewards (baby pandas). There are also baby Zandalari raptors, tiny carps, and new dinosaur pets from the Isle of Thunder!
* Zen Alchemist's Stone recipe for Alchemists
* Mantid archaeology -- new digsites, new artifacts, and new achievements
* New profession recipes
* New farming dailies, farm upgrades, and efficiency tools (like planting four patches at once!)

Hooray! I can't wait!

Quick note from the blues on the [item]Key to the Palace of Lei Shen[/item] and [item]Shan'ze Ritual Stone[/item] drops from the Isle of Thunder:

Quote:You can only obtain one Key to the Palace of Lei Shen (aka treasure room) from any creature on the island, including the Isle of Thunder Rare Elites. Once you’ve already looted one off of a creature, no more will drop from creatures for your character that week. Additional keys can potentially drop from other select sources, but are extremely rare and not something you can try to farm.

Similarly, you can only obtain one Shan'ze Ritual Stone from an Isle of Thunder Rare Elite per week. You'll still be able to collect more from other sources, though. (source)
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