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40 man content
All right. I am re-writing this. It seems that for one saturday we will be taking some time away from our usual stroll through the warren that is kharazan to assist those who require it in the halls of Black Wings Lair. This will provide us with a short and perhaps much needed change of scenery for one day, where we can hopefully find out what it is we are really made of. We will definitely finish up Khara as we had a very strong start on it today. With luck we can crush the remainder partially on saturday and the rest on sunday, depending on how things go. THis will not interrupt our gruul run.


I think someone pressed the post button a bit too early. :p
nope, that's Damo's new signature.
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What kind of hours are you looking at for the rest of this week then, and what are my odds of getting in on any of it? I work 3 to 730 on Saturday, but am otherwise free if I know when to be around.
Lupus - I haven't heard of any who will be absent this weekend for Kara. We typically run with 11 folks, trying to squeeze another in that mix may be a bit difficult if the full Vanguard team is there. (You usually get lucky on Tuesdays, our attendance is teh sloppy on that day). We'll let you know however if one or two randomly decide they won't be able to come between now and then though.
I will more than likely be there for gruul but the mother-in-law is in town this weekend and I will not be available after gruul. I will be there for sunday.
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