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4/20 & 4/21's Raid
Vanguard had a smashing time in Kharazan this weekend with quite lovely results. Serous, Eatmore, Damoxian, Zeenjai, Dannae, Saltin, Dokcha, Mindial and Myself along with the guests of Daichallar, Gholjan and Zeengo were able to take down and loot the following from it's corridors. (runonsentencesftw)

Attumen the Huntsman
[item]Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation[/item] - ... Sound. (Gholjan had, Eatmore was absent..)
[item]Steelhawk Crossbow[/item] - Dokcha

Maiden of Virtue
[item]Bracers of Maliciousness[/item] - ... Sound. >.> (Gholjan also had, Eatmore was absent.)
[item]Gloves of Centering[/item] - Zeengo

[item]Edgewalker Longboots[/item] - Dokcha (Again, Gholjan already had and Eatmore was still absent.)
[item]Belt of Gale Force[/item] - Mindial

Romulo and Julianne
[item]Masquerade Gown[/item] - Dannae
[item]Ribbon of Sacrifice[/item] - Zeenjai

The Curator
[item]Forest Wind Shoulderpads[/item] - Sound
[item]Gloves of the Fallen Hero[/item] - Damoxian

Chess Event
[item]Heart-Flame Leggings[/item] - Zeengo
[item]Fiend Slayer Boots[/item] - Mindial

Random purple loot: [item]Grips of the Deftness[/item] - Gholjan (something he actually didn't have!)

Well done to all! Go Vanguard!
Mindial, if I happen to drool on your new boots, please excuse me.

Congrats Vanguard! The healers sure got treated well that run :p
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You people disgust me with your excessive progress in there. Tongue
Faekiira Wrote:You people disgust me with your excessive progress in there. Tongue
*grin* A serious thanks needs to be said to Mizar for his Curator strategy though, I believe it helped us immensely in being able to succeed in only three tries.
Yar, you guys did awesome. And now that we are basically at the same point in the progression through there we can kinda help each other out with strategies and such.
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We did enjoy the fruits of Smash and grabs efforts as a platform upon which to launch our little crusade. The shade of Aran shut us down but we did make substantial progress on him. Just have to make sure people move during his blizzard and the rest takes care of itself. sorta. Sound..learn to see giant ice patches falling over your head!
Bah, spend a few years doing nothing but staring at health bars and see how much you notice about the rest of the game, Damoxian!

And congratulations on your progress, guys! That's awesome.
*cheers at!* Congrats you folk!
Very nice progress. I am glad to see another group past the curator, because the chess event is like a reward for all the hard work.
Kosath Whitehorn
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Excellent work guys! I hope everyone enjoyed chess. I love it!

There is something else to the game other than health bars? (looks at Naruth bewildered)
Don't mess with the trees!

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~Bill Cosby
I downloaded pretty moving icons for people so I get to see health bars, cast bars, and moving icons! yay for progress!

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