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31 March Raid
Entourage of the Champion was finally able to kick off its first raid last night! It took us a while to find a few more sturdy souls able to venture forth into the lair - but we made it happen.

After a few attempts and tweaking of our approach - Attumen the Huntsman fell before our blades! Someone else will have to post the loots - but Gratz to Jadyn and Lymoria for obtaining some nifty stuff.

Present were Abbru, Daichallar, Umu, Lymoria, Gholjan, and Jadyn from Ironsong....and Wuyi, Brasha, and Bogrom from Harsh Winter.

Safe travels...we will post more as we go.

My apologies....I forgot to add Terelith! Our trusty Paladin!

No blessings for you! Glad to have been along, hope we're able to make more progress today!
*whaps Abbru soundly* Don't ever forget Terelith again! She's the one that kept most all of you alive after I ran through all my mana and was forced to dps-ing with my wand!

*slinks back into the Outlands in search of a bigger and faster regening mana pool +sigh+ *

(( As for the loots, Lymoria received the [item]Gloves of Saintly Blessings[/item] ))

<img src="http://www.ironsongtribe.com/roster/addons/siggen/sig/Lymoria.png">
Terelith's a man. Tongue

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