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3/31 & 4/1's Raid
3/31 - 4/1

After taking a bit of break, reforming and pulling in a bit of new blood, Vanguard was able to visit Karazhan again this weekend!

With us we had Damoxian, Serous, Zeenjai, Dannae, Saltin, Eatmore, Dokcha and I with the guests of Jivundus, Freithe and Vardoth along the way.

To warm up things upon first entering on Saturday, we headed down to fight the spiders, bats and horrid beast dog things, eventually taking on Shadikith the Glider. He proceeded to drop [item]Glider's Boots[/item] of the Whale.. Which had a junk load of stamina, spirit and DE goodness to 'em.

We then headed over to take on Attumen the Huntsman. On our first try together we were able to down him with success. We were awarded with [item]Harbinger Bands[/item]. Zeenjai took them semi gladly? Afterwards we made it through the trash pulls to the Maiden of Virtue quite decently. We put in two, good learning attempts on her, but unfortunately had to call it for the night then.

Being short one on Sunday and unsure if we would be able to take on the Maiden of Virtue, we once again headed below to take on one of the animal bosses. Rokad the Ravager was our challenge whom we successfully downed. Zeenjai came out of it with a pair of [item]Ravager's Cuffs[/item] (that were actually useful and had good stats! I just can't remember which). Being better than the ones he obtained off Attument, he was happy.

After that we forged on to take the trash pulls leading to the Maiden of Virtue in order to grab Keanna's Log for us all. In the midst of it all Dokcha logged on and enabled us to make an attempt at the Maiden. While certainly tough and we all have the -rugged- repair bills to prove it, on our very, very last planned attempt we were able to finally make the kill. What dropped was a lovely pair of [item]Gloves of Quickening[/item] which went to Dokcha and a pair of [item]Boots of Foretelling[/item] for Saltin! Congrats to all!

All in all a very good first weekend attempt and here's to such success in the future!
Ravager cuffs of the sorceror. And we also got those horrible pallie gloves from Attumen that we threw out the window.
Ah, yes, the lovely [item]Gauntlets of Renewed Hope[/item].
Damoxian, you should reform and become a paladin of some sort. We could use one more then some soul sucking villian.
My pallie is 43, give her time, give her time.
Pfft. Only cool people can have paladins, Damoxian. You haven't filed the proper paperwork to even be considered for the trait of coolness.
Quote:Pfft. Only cool people can have paladins, Damoxian. You haven't filed the proper paperwork to even be considered for the trait of coolness.

No one told me about any paperwork... that explains a lot. <weeps>

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