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10-man Siege of Orgrimmar
Mok'ra, Tribe!

Before the raid on Tuesday, we discussed what the goals should be for our playgroup now that we have downed Garrosh once on flex, and the next expansion is probably about 5 months away. We discussed three goals:

(1) Get the Siege of Orgrimmar meta-achievement for the Galakras mount;
(2) Work on flex Garrosh until we can get him down regularly;
(3) Start a 10-man normal Siege of Orgrimmar raid.

We had a good discussion. The upshot is that we have decided to do Flex on Tuesdays, and start a 10-man Normal raid on Thursdays. We will pick up pieces of the meta-achievement as we can, but this will not be a high priority.

We will be running our first rostered 10-man normal raid this Thursday, April 10th. We will be running this raid along the same lines that we used in early Mists raiding:

* The raid will have a set roster. Ten invites will go out a week ahead of time.
* Please RSVP to me as soon as you can with "Accept" or "Decline." If you receive an invite and accept it, you have a guaranteed slot.
* If someone declines, I will offer that slot to an alternate. If the alternate accepts, that player has a guaranteed slot for that night (even if the original person shows up). If the alternate declines, I will offer the slot to another alternate, and so forth. All this back-and-forth communication takes time, so please RSVP as soon as you can.
* My goal is to hit the ground running at 7:30 with a full, balanced raid. No searching to fill last-minute slots. No people showing up fully expecting to get in and getting turned down.
* The occasional, unpredictable no-shows due to unforeseen circumstances mean that a person who is not on the calendar, who shows up at raid time, may get in, but I cannot guarantee a player a slot for that evening if that player is not on the calendar.
* We currently have about 14 people who run regularly with us, which means that some people will not be able to go on a given night. I am sorry about that. This is a game design constraint that is, happily, going away in the next expansion, when normal raids will become scalable (hooray!). In the meantime, there will doubtless be absences from week to week and I will get more people into the raid when possible.

Here is an FAQ on how we run our Normal-mode raids, with more information on attendance, absences, expectations, and so forth. Please read this so you know what to expect!


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