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1.12.1 patch changes
According to Curse Gaming:

The Test Realm is now live with patch 1.12.1. In this patch, the cost for mounts have changed, and mounts will now only require one shared riding skill. A riding skill of 75 is required for Blue mounts, and a riding skill of 150 is required for Epic mounts. The learning cost for riding skill has been changed, and the cost for purchasing your mount has also been changed.


Mounts now require only one, shared riding skill (blue mounts require level 75, epic mounts, level 150). Also costs of learning this skill are now significally increased. Previously, cost of learning riding skill was 20 gold for each kind of mount, without any discount. Now it will be 90 gold for level 75 and 900 for level 150. Level 150 of riding skills is required for epic mounts and will most probably include PvP mounts and all mounts that drop in instances (Tiger, Raptor, Baron mount, bug mount and maybe paladin and warlock mount too). For now I can confirm that it is required to ride Stormpike Battle Charger, rest of mounts require confirmation.

In addition to the change of riding skills, the costs of Blue and Epic faction mounts has been significally decreased. Now blue mounts costs 10 gold and epic mounts costs 100 gold.

Source: http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html...3386&sid=1

Click on Read More to see the patch notes for the 1.12.1 Test Realm Patch
I actually kinda liked it _before_ everyone and his dog had a cross-faction mount, myself. It used to be unique.

However, I think this means I'm going to get Shurka a raptor, because I'm not that wild about the wolves.
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This is a bit confusing. Does this mean that anyone will be able to ride any other race's mount?
No, just that the cost of learning to ride any mount will be increased but actual mounts will be cheaper. It only matters inasmuch as buying extra epic mounts would be cheaper now.
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But... if you only need one shared riding skill for all mounts, as it says...

What will you need in order to ride another race's mount, then? Something else?
I sort of like this...just for the fact that the PvP mounts don't require you to buy the epic riding skill. I guess they decided to be merciful for once. I wonder how much they've changed those prices...of if they've been altered at all.
Presumably you'd need the appropriate rep. level to purchase the mount, as opposed to training the riding skill.

I guess we'll see!
Fleethoof Wrote:Presumably you'd need the appropriate rep. level to purchase the mount, as opposed to training the riding skill.

I guess we'll see!

Does this mean mounts will be BoP, then, so as to prevent a tauren, for example, from purchasing a kodo and then giving it to an orc?
Ah, or maybe they'll make some sort of requirement on the item itself, requiring you to be either a certain race, or exalted with the appropriate faction.

ie, on a wolf horn, "Orc OR Exalted - Orgrimmar"

Who knows!
If Qaza can suddenly afford her first (and my first mount ever) when this patch is installed (I already have the riding skill), I think I'll faint.

It'll be a very happy faint, mind you. *crosses fingers*
...i just want a raptor, Mr. Wiggles likes the bouncing motion.

Well so much for grinding rank 11 for a kodo mount.

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